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Hotel PMS technology has greatly improved in the past decade and the most powerful solutions are now cloud based and packaged as SaaS (Software as a Service).

A good Property Management System will help you manage front-office operations, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, billing and taking payments.

The PMS is the core of any Hotel apps ecosystem and most of our partners offer powerful APIs allowing integrations to RMS, POS, Channel Managers and a multitude of other solutions allowing hotels to customize their business operation and deliver a seamless guest experience.

At HotelMinder we partner with passionate industry leaders to transform hospitality by providing innovative products and services to properties across the globe.

HotelMinder’s team has tested most existing hotel applications on the market, giving us deep insights to help you make the right choice. Taking your specific needs and budget into account, we can help you choose the right Property Management System for your business.

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Probably our favorite system for small to medium sized hotels: reliable, easy to use - and amazing support! Pricing starting at just 76€ per month for up to 9 rooms.

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One of the most popular solution for small to mid-sized hotels. A powerful system offering a lot of functionalities and an ever growing list of integrations thanks to a powerful API.

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A wonderfully well designed and functional system, with more integrations than you could wish for. Mews is recommended for big hotels looking at an alternative to big solutions such as Oracle's Opera.

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Booking Factory

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A complete solution including everything needed from 100£ only, ideal for small properties owners looking for an open and innovative suite.

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Wubook PMS is an integral part of Wubook Complete Suite for small Hotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, Apartments and Home Holidays - Very affordable and flexible!

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Octorate Property Management System is an integral part of a complete, affordable and very customizable suite. Best for small structures.

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A surprisingly easy to setup and use application with a lot of functionalities. Recommended for small hotels with a tight budget and big ambitions!

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It's not easy to find the right solution...

We can help you choose the best application for your hotel according to your needs and budget.

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Hotel Link

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Hotel Link Front Desk is an integral part of the HotelLink package, perfect for small properties in Asia.

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Frontdesk Anywhere

A next-generation Property Management System for medium to big hotels and hotel groups wanting powerful operations management and reporting.

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Protel Air

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Powerful Property Management System for bigger hotels and hotel groups needing a tested and customizable software offering lots of integrations.

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Eastern Europeen Property Management Software made for medium sized hotels looking for advanced reporting and functionalities.

It's not easy to find the right solution...

We can help you choose the best application for your hotel according to your needs and budget.

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An affordable solution particularly recommended for hotels located in Mediterranean countries.

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A solid application offering a powerful dashboard with the right integrations. Definitely recommended for medium to big hotels in France.

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Hotelogix hotel front desk software lets you multitask regular activities such as check-ins and check-outs of individuals, corporates, and other group bookings.

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Modern and very complete suite of applications (PMS + Booking Engine + POS + Kiosk, etc) with a lot of integrations for big hotels looking at automatizing their workflow.

It's not easy to find the right solution...

We can help you choose the best application for your hotel according to your needs and budget.

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Amazing configuration options: anything is possible. Steep learning curve but nothing beats Mancloud for medium to big sized hotel in need of a custom workflow.

New kid on the block offering a complete solution for medium sized hotel. Select your package starting at 99€ per month.

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A complete and very affordable suite of applications, including a great POS. Recommended for small and medium sized hotels in the Middle East.

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Winhotel is a complex and powerful PMS for big independant hotels or/and hotel chains.

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Well known management system and recommended for North American properties looking for local support.

Company positions are ranked by our review team as per overall performance and is free from any bias.

Not all solutions we work with or/and recommend are listed above: some companies do not like being compared with others - but it doesn't prevent us from recommending them to our clients when suitable.

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