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SabeeApp is an all-in-one cloud hotel management software tailored for independent hotels and other small accommodation like vacation rentals and B&B's.

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Sign up for a trial now to get 50% discount on your first 3 months

About SabeeApp

SabeeApp is an all-in-one cloud hotel management software tailored for independent hotels and other small accommodation like vacation rentals and B&B's. It offers 4 main core modules:
- a PMS
- a Channel Manager
- an Internet Booking engine
- a Payment Gateway

All core parts are seamlessly integrated together so data is synchronized and connected at all times.

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SabeeApp - Video Introduction

SabeeApp Video Introduction

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SabeeApp - Pricing

Property Management System by SabeeApp

Tailored specifically to the needs of independent hotels, b&bs, apartments and hostels, SabeeApp offers innovative tools that help optimize daily operation, increase online sales, handle payments, and engage with guests.

With its centralized calendar SabeeApp cloud PMS helps you easily manage reservations, invoices, housekeeping, reporting and much more. Their channel manager developed in-house and a fully customizable booking engine make online distribution an easy task.

Apart from offering excellent customer support, SabeeApp also features GuestAdvisor, which is a useful virtual concierge and online check-in tool.

Booking Engine by SabeeApp

With a clean design, SabeeApp's commission-free booking engine has been optimised for conversion.

Working on the latest SSL technology to secure data, this platform is fully customisable. You can easily set it up, offer promotional codes and discounts, while also integrating it with Facebook's booking engine.

Using SabeeApp's booking engine, your guests can book multiple room types in a single booking. A mobile-friendly platform, this one comes in 14 different languages.

Channel Manager by SabeeApp

An integral part of its all-in-one suite, SabeeApp Channel Manager is one of the most reliable solution on the market right now. Pricing starting at just 76€ per month for up to 9 rooms.

Contactless Check-in Solution by SabeeApp

An integral part of SabeeApp solution, GuestAdvisor tools allow guests to check-in online, book additional services, and receive important information regarding their stay.

Self Service Kiosk System by SabeeApp

Trusted by 1300+ hotel industry experts and many of our clients, SabeeApp is a full-fledged Cloud hotel software, which offers a wide range of innovative tools for independent hotels. It provides various integrated functions to simplify control over distribution platforms, reservation management, payment handling, and guest engagement.

One of the most affordable solutions, SabeeApp's primary objective is to help modern-day hoteliers reduce administrative load, improve guest satisfaction, and increase revenue.

SabeeApp's Guest Advisor is an easy-to-use concierge service. It comes as part of a comprehensive suite, and can't be used standalone. With Guest Advisor, you can facilitate self check-ins through a mobile app or a browser. With the mobile app, hoteliers can even up-sell services and provide more information to guests.

Payment Platform by SabeeApp

An integral part of SabeeApp all-in-one suite, SabeePay (Payment Gateway) allows any hotel to automatically validate guests' credit cards and securely take payments. Pricing: 2% + 1 € / successful transaction.

Short Term Rental Software by SabeeApp

SabeeApp, an all-in-one solution designed primarily for hotels, is a surprising entry in this list of Vacation Rental management software: but it truly deserves it.

SabeeApp calendar allows you to list as many independent units as you want - and directly link them from the calendar to the OTA listing - it means that you only need one account to manage all your properties!

Add to this a very reliable Channel Manager, an easy to use website Booking Engine, an integrated Payment Gateway and SabeeApp becomes an excellent choice to help any busy owner / manager take care of several listings at the same time.

Last but not least - for an additional monthly fee, Guest Advisor Tools is a Virtual Concierge allowing you to offer your guests a fully online check in and payment experience. Add to this keyless smartlock automation - and you have the business of the future!

Hotel Management System by SabeeApp

SabeeApp provides small hotels with everything required to ensure smooth and hassle-free business operations. The company has been working on developing the suite further, and will surely take over some leading platforms in the coming years.

SabeeApp focuses on providing integrated functionalities to better control online distribution channels, manage payments, simplify managing reservations, and engage with guests. The suite has been designed to minimize the workload for hoteliers while increasing revenue and guest satisfaction.

The suite offers a wide range of modules, including SabeePay, an affordable Payment Solution for automated card validation at a low price. SabeeApp also comes with Guestadvisor Tools, which allow online check-ins, instant feedback, and upselling, all via an easy-to-use smartphone and web-based application. SabeeApp is one of our favorites for medium-sized independent hotels.

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Sign up for a trial now to get 50% discount on your first 3 months

Sign up for a trial now to get 50% discount on your first 3 months

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