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A full-fledged self-service kiosk to eliminate wait times at the front desk. Stay connected with your guests via email and offer upgrades, amenities, and more with ease.

Agilysys Exclusive Deal: Get 5% off by quoting HotelMinder

Agilysys Exclusive Deal

Get 5% off by quoting HotelMinder

Get 5% off by quoting HotelMinder

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Self Service Kiosk System by Agilysys

Agilysys is a leading property management, workforce management, inventory and procurement company developing innovative solutions for the hospitality industry

With its self-service kiosk, guests can enjoy seamless check-ins, room encoding, and other services via email. Agilysys comes with a full-fledged guest engagement suite, allowing your staff to better manage the needs of guests.

Since the kiosk integrates well with a wide range of applications from Agilysys, you can leverage an entire ecosystem of technology to improve guest experience. Both mobile and kiosk check-in and check-out belong to the product rGuest Express, linked below.The company primarily caters to the luxury market, including hotels with casinos, cruises, etc.

Agilysys Kiosk integrates with rGuest Stay Cloud PMS and the whole of Agilysys applications.

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Adaptable and versatile kiosk solution for self check-ins. With support for 15 languages, cater to your guests' needs and offer personalized services.

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