We match Accommodation Providers
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In 2021, we are upgrading our Partners Marketplace and expanding it beyond hotel software to also include professional services.

Now more than ever, we are on the lookout for enthusiastic partners, from tech vendors to independent agencies & consultants, to work with us.

Here's why you should join us - and it's very simple:
we don't rank, we match.

We help accommodation providers choose the software & services providers that actually complement their need.

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Marketplace Card

We don't rank, we match

We're a marketplace that actually works for vendors while benefiting the hotelier. We help accommodation providers match with the tools and services they need, the ones that actually complement them.

Only qualified leads

Through our platform, we only send qualified and genuine leads that have expressed direct interest for your offer. You get information on prospects right in your inbox.

We build meaningful connections

We believe in building tangible and honest relationships between passionate people, connecting accommodation providers to hospitality professionals in a meaningful way.

Quality over quantity

Our mission is to educate accommodation providers on the benefits and the pitfalls of tech, to empower them in making the right decisions. We're not afraid to take a stand and neither should you!

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