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WuBook Logo New Premier Partner

All-in-one cloud software including PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and Restaurant Management to manage your accommodation business.

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Uplisting Logo Premier Partner

A complete solution offering everything needed to manage one or many listing(s). Features include: Unified Inbox, Multiple Calendar, Automation, Cleaning scheduler, etc.

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An Enterprise grade solution for agencies and busy owners to manage and automate their workflow. Built with automation in mind, MyVR is a powerful solution.
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Beds24 Logo Premier Partner

Probably the most flexible and affordable solution for vacation rental owners and small management agencies. Pricing starts at only €9.90/month.

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bookster Logo Premier Partner
Bookster is an affordable all-in-one solution for Vacation Rental & Agencies and includes website(s), analytics and marketing tools, among many other things.
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iGMS Logo Premier Partner

A complete platform for professional hosts and vacation rental managers with multiple listings looking to automate their short-term rental business efficiently.

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Zeevou Logo Premier Partner

Zeevou is a global community that helps you grow your hospitality business through cutting-edge automation, industry-leading training, and world-class support.

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Lots of features and many connections to great third-party solutions. Highly recommended for vacation rental agencies in the USA and scaling to many properties.

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Basic, elegant, and very affordable all-in-one solution to manage your vacation rental business. Good from one property only as pricing with Channel Manager is 8€ per unit.

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A customer centric and feature full Property Management Software for short-term rentals managers and concierges.

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Recommended to Vacation Rental Management agencies looking for a powerful and comprehensive solution to help manage business.

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To manage your vacation rental business like an agency. Starting at 120€ per month.
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Hostaway Logo Premier Partner

The ultimate end-to-end solution for vacation rental owners and property managers. Channel manager and PMS in one with reporting and user management.

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