Top 10 hotel Channel Managers of 2020

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MyAllocator Exclusive Offer

MyAllocator Logo

MyAllocator, now an integral part of the Cloudbeds Suite of applications, also called Cloudbeds Channel Manager, is a standalone cloud-based Channel Manager designed to be easy to use. It is currently one of the most affordable and most reliable Channel Manager in the industry.

MyAllocator offers a 2-way XML connection to a huge list of OTA portals, pushing real-time updates to all of your channels and sending reservation information from each channel back to you, giving you faster updates and less errors.

MyAllocator, originally a budget Channel Manager built for Hostels, provides great integration with niche marketplaces for Hostels and Vacation Rental like Hostelworld, Despegar, Gomio and more.

Myallocator directly connects to a wide range of Property Management Systems supporting all kind of properties.

How do you identify the Channel Manager software that fits your property’s needs in terms of functionality, OTA requirements, integrations or pricing model? Cloudbeds has prepared a comprehensive guide to choosing a Channel Manager exploring these topics and more.

We Recommend For

Small to medium sized hotels, hostels, guesthouses and vacation rental looking for a standalone Channel Manager or for a Channel Manager to complement a PMS system MyAllocator connects to.


From only $25 per month for a few units. No setup fees. Yearly discount available.

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STAAH Exclusive Offer


This easy and efficient Channel Manager has been developed for independent properties and independent chain properties.

It is accessible on the go and around the clock, by using the ‘STAAH Mobile App’.

It is a simple, yet powerful real-time Channel Manager with many features, such as bulk updates, insightful analytics, stop sell limits, and the possibility to evaluate the success of your channels.

It includes the RateSTalk tool to monitor the rates of five of your top competitors, using a simple table and interactive graph, which saves you time doing manual pricing comparisons!

Connected to 200+ OTAs such as: GoIbibo, ClearTrip,, etc. and to a growing list of Hotel applications.

We Recommend For

Independent properties of all sizes, small and big. It is worth having a look as it might be just what you need.


No public pricing, you need to register for a callback - but STAAH pricing is usually low enough compared to its competition.

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Exclusive Offer – Get 10% off your monthly invoice with HotelMinder!

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SiteMinder Logo

SiteMinder is probably the world’s most powerful hotel Channel Manager. It can connect your hotel to 350 distribution channels and integrate with over 230 leading property management systems (PMSs).

SiteMinder eliminates the time spent manually updating each of your channel extranets and produces detailed reports, allowing you to better understand the performance of your channels and identify booking trends.

You can see the status of all your channels through one, single dashboard and connect to the hotel industry’s most powerful global distribution systems (GDS) via their ‘GD’ chain code.

As well as and, here are some other channels which you can connect to through SiteMinder: Ctrip, Hotelbeds, AirBnB, TripAdvisor … plus 300 more! SiteMinder is also offering connections to many PMS, RMS, Booking Engines, and many other hospitality specific solutions.

We Recommend For

Larger sized properties who want a powerful Channel Manager at the base of their ecosystem of applications.


Starts at 66EUR per month for a 20 rooms hotel - for the Channel Manager only (without Booking Engine!). Additional fees apply for PMS or CRS integrations, and setup.


FREE Custom Software Recommendation - Let us know what you're looking for, your budget, and we'll point you in the right direction.

Meet HotelMinder - We empower ambitious hoteliers maximize performance, guests satisfaction & coworkers engagement with modern technology and expert know-how.

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WuBook Exclusive Offer

WuBook Logo

WuBook Channel Manager comes with an intuitive, yet simple control panel and offers high performance updates in a few seconds.

For each of your channels you can set closures, minimum stay restrictions and other parameters in a simple click.

The inventory you decide to offer online will be automatically stored in case of cancellation and immediately synced on all channels.

Should you encounter any issues, their team is as reliable as their tools and they will manually take action within a few minutes. Their services are maintained on over 60+ servers.

AirBnB, HRS, Wimdu, Hotelbeds and many other channels are available, as well as the large OTAs, such as and

We Recommend For

For small to medium sized Hotels, Hostels and Guest Houses; as well as for developers looking for a reliable Channel Manager to integrate with.


Decreasing from 6€ per month per OTA connection, WuBook is probably the cheapest Channel Manager available today.

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Cubilis Logo

Cubilis Channel Manager by Stardekk is an online hotel software (SaaS, cloud based) which is easy to use and free of any extra charges per reservation.

The Cubilis Channel Manager works with a 2-way XML connection and collaborates with hundreds of partners. It connects with GDS, Payment Providers and Revenue Management Systems. Cubilis also connects to Metasearch engines (Trivago, Wihp, MyHotelShop) and is PCI Compliant.

We Recommend For

Medium to large sized Hotels and Resorts. German market properties.


No public pricing, Cubilis is affordable for properties in Europe. Setup fee always applies.

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Octorate Exclusive Offer

Octorate Logo

Octorate is a cloud-based Channel Manager which can be accessed worldwide from any mobile device. From small Bed and breakfast's to large Hotel chains, Octorate’s Channel Manager allows you to connect with more than 110 websites.

It offers automated, real time updates on availability and prices. You can also manage the invoicing process directly through Octorate and it allows you to monitor each channel’s status, performance and income.

GDS/IDSs, Metasearch, Wholesalers and ready Tripconnect options are just some of the many features of this Channel Manager. It enables special offers, discount coupons and is compatible with mobile devices.

We Recommend For

Small to medium sized property owners and Vacation Rental Management Agencies who want a flexible and complete control over their guests experience.


From as little as €13 per month for the Channel Manager and one OTA connection only. Price increases very reasonably the more you add to that.

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Exclusive Offer – Use code HMINDER for free Booking Engine or 7€ per unit per month for all-in-one solution

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Vertical Booking

Vertical Booking Logo

Vertical Booking is more than just a Channel Manager, it’s a complete CRS from which the hoteliers can use the modules or the individual features they need to suit their specific requirements.

This Channel Manager can manage rates and availability like a CRS, with an unlimited number of rates and derived rates, as well as managing different currencies for different channels.

It also includes detailed reports, revenue tools and can also include a rate checker to analyse your competitors. This system provides prices per person, per room, all booking rules and manages allotments when required.

Besides and, it also connects to HRS, Hotelbeds, Ctrip and many other channels.

We Recommend For

Medium to large Hotels and Resorts.


No public pricing - But Vertical Booking is not a solution for hotels on a budget.

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Rentals United

Rentals United Logo

Rentals United is a Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals with the ‘Rentals United’ App to view your calendars, access reservation details and contact your guests instantly from your mobile or tablet.

It has a very flexible price upload option, allowing for example prices per day depending on number of people and length of stay or price scaling per channel.

Rentals United supports dynamic discounts for last minute bookings and length of stay discounts. It can even automatically create accounts for you and, with most websites, it can update your images and descriptions too.

Rentals United connects your property to HomeAway, Despegar, AirBnB, VRBO and many others.

We Recommend For

Small and big Vacation Rentals Agencies, Serviced Apartments and Guest Houses.


Starting at 107€ per month, paid yearly, for 10 to 19 properties / units.

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Hotel Link Logo

Hotel Link makes it extremely easy for you to obtain rate parity—consistent rates for all your online distribution channels. It is also possible to adjust rates for individual OTAs, enabling you to work with different rates for different suppliers.

Hotel Link Channel Manager is an integral part of the HotelLink suite of applications including a basic PMS and Website Booking Engine.

Hotel Link Channel Manager connects rates, availability, stop sell and more details to all the key online channels. Your data updates are automatically shared with all connected channels.With a seamless connection, accommodations are distributed via OTAs and the GDS.

HoteLink provides 2-way connections to all of the big OTA platforms (,,,,, etc) as well as many local ones in Asia.

We Recommend For

Small to medium-sized independent properties or/and property owners who do not know much about technology. This one is very simple and easy to use.


No public pricing but Hotel Link is affordable and the complete suite of applications will start at around 100USD for a small or medium sized property.

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