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Simple but amazingly efficient and fully automated dynamic pricing solution. The Holy Grail for small to medium sized hotels! Usable with little professional experience.

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About RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie is a pricing tool designed for owners of independent accommodations who require the best possible pricing with the least possible work. RoomPricGenie is the no-brainer for business owners who simply want to get the job of pricing done.

When your potential guests book online, having the right price at the right time is key. And setting the optimal price several times per day is no longer a luxury but an essential element of your daily routine. That is why we make dynamic pricing available to everyone.

Eliminate the daily grind with a great 2-way connection to your PMS or channel manager, automate your pricing, and receive a high return on your investment.

- Fully automated, hands-off, dynamic pricing
- Updates 7x per day
- Easy set-up & use
- Free 4-week trial to experience our added value.

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One month 100% FREE TRIAL instead of fifteen days

One month 100% FREE TRIAL instead of fifteen days

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Revenue Management System by RoomPriceGenie

A simple but amazingly efficient and fully automated solution. The Holy Grail for small to medium-sized hotels!

Smart 365 days strategic foresight with intelligent pricing recommendations, updated multiple times a day to optimize your occupancy and revenue.

RoomPriceGenie allows you to update all prices in your PMS or Channel Manager with a single click, or you can allow auto-updates whenever there is new information available.

One of the easiest RMS to manage in the market, it can be almost fully automated. You always keep full control by setting up minimum and maximum prices, and you can manually overwrite prices at any time for any date.

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