Top 10 Hotels Website Booking Engines of 2020

Written by Benjamin Verot in Top Hotel Software  • 9 min Read  • Last updated: May 05, 2020


HotelFriend Logo

HotelFriend, a power-packed booking engine with simple and fast booking process, comes with several customisation possibilities.

You can use specific colours for the booking engine to closely match your website look and feel. Guests can even choose preferred meal plans and bed preferences, allowing you to offer an enhanced booking experience.

Last but not the least, cross-selling and upselling options are also available.


HotelFriend Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

PayPal, Stripe, MercadoPago, RedSys


HotelFriend Booking Engine is an integral part of all-in-one platform from 99€ per month.

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With a lot of features and an amazing support team, this new kid on the block gets a big thumbs up from HotelMinder Team!


HotelFriend Website



A commission-free booking engine, ConvertDirect by Staah is fully customisable and PCI-certified.

It offers a 3-step, intuitive and simple booking process allowing guests to seamlessly proceed to the payment page.

The product comes with valuable extras, such as upgrades, add-on services and WatchMyRate - a price comparison widget.

To help you increase direct bookings, ConvertDirect Booking Engine comes with support for multiple languages, multiple currencies, hot deals and promo codes.


STAAH Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

CCAvenue, SiamPay, Stripe, PayPal, PayGate etc.


HotelFriend Booking Engine is an integral part of all-in-one platform from 99€ per month.

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Undoubtedly, ConvertDirect Booking Engine is a renowned and well-integrated platform available worldwide for hotels of all sizes.


STAAH Website
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Cloudbeds Logo

Simple, clean and powerful, Cloudbeds’ booking engine quickly converts website visitors into guests.

A fully customisable, PCI-compliant, mobile-responsive and commission-free platform, it allows you to get bookings from Facebook too.

With the integrated Google Analytics tool, you can also understand guests’ behaviour to make informed decisions.

To manage promotional rates, this booking engine uses the same technology used by OTAs, making it easier for you to offer early-bird and last-minute deals.

There’s also a rate comparison widget with real-time pricing. Isn’t it just great?


Cloudbeds Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

Stripe, PayPal, AuthorizeNet, SagePay etc.


Cloudbeds Booking Engine is an integral part of Cloudbeds all-in-one platform. Reasonable pricing depending on number of units.

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A well-connected and affordable reservations software with great support. It’s perfect for small to medium-size hostels, hotels and hotel groups.


Cloudbeds Website
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I will guide you through potential solutions and help you find the best one according to your needs & budget. You are guaranteed to get valuable insight!

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SabeeApp Logo

With a clean design, SabeeApp’s commission-free booking engine has been optimised for conversion.

Working on the latest SSL technology to secure data, this platform is fully customisable. You can easily set it up, offer promotional codes and discounts, while also integrating it with Facebook’s booking engine..

Using SabeeApp’s booking engine, your guests can book multiple room types in a single booking. A mobile-friendly platform, this one comes in 14 different languages.


SabeeApp Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

SabeeApp Payment Gateway, PayPal


SabeeApp Booking Engine is an integral part of SabeeApp all-in-one solution. Pricing starts at: 79€ per month for up to 9 units.

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Affordable, flexible and easy to use. With helpful support, you won’t ever be left hanging!


SabeeApp Website
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SiteMinder Logo

With SiteMinder’s booking engine, called 'The Booking Button', increase direct bookings with zero commission.

Your guests will be delighted to complete the booking process in just two steps.

Mobile-responsive and customisable, this one comes in 20 languages with support for 20 currencies.

With SiteMinder’s booking engine, you can conveniently offer last-minute deals, early-bird offers, promotional rates and more.

In just one reservation, guests can book multiple rooms, and even compare rates with OTAs on the TripTease widget.


SiteMinder Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

Siteminder is offering many (paid) integrations with all sort of third-party applications.

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Most Online Travel Agencies and PMS / RMS, etc systems offer integration into SiteMinder’s platform, making The BookingButton one of the most popular hotel booking system worldwide.


DIRS21 Logo

DIRS21, offering a transparent and easy booking process, doesn’t request a lot of data from visitors.

Facebook IBE, availability calendar, live rate comparison and add-ons are just a few of the power-packed features available.

For an even better booking experience, you can include the DIRS21 Package List, which clearly displays packages, services, features and availability.

Additionally, you can partner with Allianz Global Assistance to insure hotel cancellations and safeguard your interest.


DIRS21 Screenshot

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Quite popular in Europe and particularily in Germany, DIRS21 is a complete platform ideal for small to medium-size hotels.


DIRS21 Website


HotelRunner Logo

A powerful and flexible platform, HotelRunner’s Booking Engine offers several customisation options to match the text and colour of the website.

Moreover, you can also implement local tax settings. By integrating with multiple payment systems, this one offers secure online payments too.

HotelRunner is available in 24 languages, and support for 159 currencies with real-time conversion rates.

Apart from rooms, you can also sell packages and add-ons, such as daily tours, airport transfers etc.


HotelRunner Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

PayPal, UnionPay, Stripe, GarantiPay etc.

We Recommend For

An innovative and engaging solution, HotelRunner is ideal for all type accommodations including small to medium-size hotels, enterprise hotels and chains as well as rentals and hostels.


HotelRunner Website
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Clock Logo

Clock’s commission-free and mobile-responsive booking engine is often preferred by hotel groups and medium-size hotels.

A power-packed platform, it comes with PCI DSS compliant environment, ready-to-use design templates and customisable outlook.

Using this booking engine, visitors can easily book multiple rooms, gift vouchers, SPA packages, airport pick-ups and even tables at the restaurant.


Clock Screenshot

Connections / Integrations


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With many great features, Clock’s booking engine is quite popular among medium sized hotels.


Clock Website

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Protel Air

Protel Air Logo

Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure, Protel WBE uses a secured payment environment and a responsive design to blend seamlessly into the website.

With powerful marketing features, you can enable upselling and cross-selling options, thereby selling coupons, vouchers, online table reservations and other services.

Protel also allows you to pre-define rates for regular guests by simply enabling guest login. Last but not the least, you can use pop-ups to sell packages and promotional offers.


Protel Air Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

Protel offers connections to many PMS, RMS and CRM solutions.

We Recommend For

A well-known brand suitable for hoteliers who wouldn’t mind spending a bit more to get numerous features for long-term benefit.


Protel Air Website


BookingWhizz Logo

A one-click installation giving full control over availability, pricing and restrictions, BookingWhizz offers an easily adaptable and flexible booking engine.

To increase mobile sales, you can even offer customised device-based pricing. Additionally, you can target the right set of customers based on location, secret deals, promo codes, discounts and flash sales.

BookingWhizz also provides live chat support along with some amazing marketing tools, such as exit message pop-up with discount, free gifts for signing-in etc.


BookingWhizz Screenshot

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Many features, numerous possibilities! BookingWhizz is perfect for small to medium-size hotels in the Middle East.


BookingWhizz Website

Benjamin Verot

Benjamin Verot

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Benjamin was born in Lyon, France, with a insatiable thirst for adventure and entrepreneurship. He fell in love with Ireland and opened his first hotel in Dublin in 2008, experiencing first hand the lack of key in hand professional hospitality services tailored for independant hotels owners. HotelMinder was born not long after.

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