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We carefully and extensively test each the applications we recommend to our clients and aim at offering efficient & affordable management solutions whatever the property type.

You might notice that not all applications and solutions we work with are listed below. It's because some companies do not like being compared with others - but it doesn't prevent us from recommending them and our clients to use them!

Property Management Systems

Selecting the right software for your hotel is particularly important as it can help save a lot of time otherwise spent on repetitive day to day tasks.

Hospitality technology is moving really fast nowadays and it can be hard to understand which product will really satisfy your needs and budget.

When choosing a Property Management Solution for your Hotel or Apartments Group it is paramount to first figure out the core features you actually really need before shopping around.

Property Management Systems - Vacation Rentals

A good Vacation Rental Software will help you easily manage guests and reservations for different units; be it villas, apartments, or rooms.

A simple system is recommended if you run a small property like a bed & breakfast, operate several villas or a small apartment group. It will allow you to communicate with guests more efficiently, take payments, track maintenance & staff communication and centralize the management of your listings on Airbnb.com, Booking.com, etc.

Beds24 Beds24 Logo
All you need to manage your small property. From €9.90/month only.
Elina PMS Elina PMS Logo
Property Management Software for serviced apartments and vacation rental.
Hotelopro Hotelopro Logo
Simple online hotel management system for small hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts.
Hostfully Hostfully Logo
To manage Apartments and Vacation Rental Groups like an agency.
Octorate Octorate Logo
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For owners looking for unlimited deep customization.
Rentlio Rentlio Logo
Basic, elegant and affordable all-in-one solution making sense from one unit only!
Tokeet Tokeet Logo
Lots of options, for small Apartments Groups - set things up the way you really want.
VrEasy VrEasy Logo
Powerful All-in-one solution for your Vacation Rental Business or Apartments Group.

Property Management Systems - Hotels

Hotel PMS technology has greatly improved in the past decade and the most powerful solutions are now cloud based and packaged as SaaS (Software as a Service).

A good Property Management System will help you manage front-office operations, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, billing and taking payments.

The PMS is the core of any Hotel apps ecosystem and most of our partners offer powerful APIs allowing integrations to RMS, POS, Channel Managers and a multitude of other solutions allowing hotels to customize their business operation and deliver a seamless guest experience.

Booking Factory Booking Factory Logo
Cloudbeds Cloudbeds Logo
Booking Planner Booking Planner Logo
Frontdesk Frontdesk Logo
Hotelfriend Hotelfriend Logo
Hoteliga Hoteliga Logo
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Inngenius Inngenius Logo
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Misterbooking Misterbooking Logo
SabeeApp SabeeApp Logo
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Webrezpro Webrezpro Logo
Winhotel Winhotel Logo

Property Management Systems - Hostels

Hostels have different needs than hotels and the best management systems tend to focus on better rooms and dorms management, connections to hostel centrix OTAs and services as well as two ways guest engagement tools.

BananaDesk BananaDesk Logo
Cloudbeds Cloudbeds Logo

Channel Managers

A channel manager will allow you to efficiently manage the different online distribution channels (Online Travel Agencies) where you sell your rooms.

The application will send booking sites up to date rates and inventory details in real time. It allows hotels to have all of their rooms online at the same time and to maximize occupancy.

A centralized management of rates allows for optimum pricing and allocation of rooms on the various online website the property connects to.

Mapping Master Mapping Master Logo
MyAllocator MyAllocator Logo
Octorate Octorate Logo
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Online Payment Gateways

For any hotel that takes its direct online bookings seriously, easy-to-use booking and instant payment technology is a must.

Your hotel Website Booking Engine should enable guests to glide through the reservation process and make their payment instantly and without any hurdle.

A limited but growing number of Property Management Systems can directly integrate with hotels Payments Gateway and automatically rake payments or pre-authorize OTA reservations before arrival.

Meta-Channel Managers

Metasearch continues to grow in importance for hotels around the world and managing a hotel metasearch presence is becoming an integral part of a property direct bookings marketing strategy.

A meta-channel manager allows you to manage and review all your pay-per-click bids on all the hotel price comparison sites in one convenient place. Most systems include optimization tools to take full advantage of each individual platform.

Revenue & Yield Management Systems

Revenue Management Systems (RMS) allow revenue managers to leverage hotel room supply and real time market data to increase profits and strengthen competitive advantage.

Advanced algorithms will highlight trends and recommends optimal room rates to assist daily yield management updates and general revenue management strategy.

BeOnPrice BeOnPrice Logo
ClimberHotel ClimberHotel Logo
Rateboard Rateboard Logo
Ratemetrics Ratemetrics Logo
RevParGuru RevParGuru Logo

Point Of Sales Systems

A Point Of Sales System (POS) system is where a customer makes a payment in exchange for goods or services.

For hotels, the Restaurant (or SPA, shop, etc) POS System will link with the Hotel Property Management system in order to centralize guests transactions and data - for exemple to seamlessly charge a meal into a hotel guest folio they will settle at the time of check out.

Lightspeed Lightspeed Logo
Winhotel Winhotel Logo

Self Check-In Solutions

The use of self guest check-in and check-out technology is becoming more and more widespread in the hotel industry, unlocking guest experience value through customer self-service.

Kiosks systems allow guests to check-in, pay for their stay and get their room cards or keys without the need to interact with reception staff, allowing hotels to switch employees efforts to other departments.

Guest Communication Platforms

It is not secret that the digital revolution enables mobile, direct, instant & 2-ways communication between hotel and guests.

A Guest Communication Platform will allow you to understand guests’ needs even before they arrive and drive additional sales (vouchers, room upgrades, etc) through personalized local recommendations.

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