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One of the most popular solution for small to mid-sized hotels. A powerful system offering a lot of functionalities and an ever growing list of integrations thanks to a powerful API.

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Sign up for a Demo of Cloudbeds and receive a $50 credit

Sign up for a Demo of Cloudbeds and receive a $50 credit

Cloudbeds is a complete cloud based suite consisting of a Property Management System, a Channel Manager and a Booking Engine. It is modern, simple to use and used by many types of properties all around the globe.

As Cloudbeds Property Management System, Channel Manager and Booking Engine are integral parts of the same system, you can rest assured that any change made in the system will reflect on your live website and connected OTA portals instantly.

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Property Management System by Cloudbeds

A full-fledged system for independent hoteliers, Cloudbeds Property Management System - also called MyFrontDesk - is suitable for all types of independent properties, small and big: Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and Hostels. It includes one of the most popular Channel Manager - also called MyAllocator - to connect your property with over 300 Online Travel Agencies and distribution partners.

MyFrontDesk is a simple but powerful solution your team will enjoy using: it's easy to check in and check out people, update prices and automatically add charges to bookings. You can upgrade the basic version of the system with modules in order to deal with more complex issues like handling group bookings or selling the same room under different room types to maximize occupancy.

Additionally, you can add PIE - for Price Intelligence Engine - to get room pricing recommendation and ensure better revenue management decisions. Aside from PIE, Cloudbeds offers a host of Add-ons including: Payment Processing, Shared Inventory & Room Allocations, Groups Management, etc that can be added for an additional fee.

Channel Manager by Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds Channel Manager - also called MyAllocator - is an integral part of the Cloudbeds suite of applications.

It offers a 2-way XML connection to a huge list of OTA portals, pushing real-time updates to all of your channels and sending reservation information from each channel back to the Cloudbeds Property Management System or any other connected PMS, giving you faster updates and less errors.

MyAllocator, originally a budget Channel Manager built for Hostels, provides great integration with niche marketplaces for Hostels and Vacation Rental like Hostelworld, Despegar, Gomio and more.

Booking Engine by Cloudbeds

Simple, clean and powerful, Cloudbeds’ booking engine quickly converts website visitors into guests. A fully customisable, PCI-compliant, mobile-responsive and commission-free platform, it allows you to get bookings from Facebook too.

With the integrated Google Analytics tool, you can also understand guests’ behaviour to make informed decisions.

To manage promotional rates, this booking engine uses the same technology used by OTA portals, making it easier for you to offer early-bird, last-minute deals and special offers.

Cloudbeds Booking Engine is simple to use, easy to integrate, and looks good on all types of website. There’s also a rate comparison widget with real-time pricing comparison with the main OTA portals. Isn’t it just great?

Revenue Management System by Cloudbeds

PIE (for Price Intelligence Engine) is an integral part of the Cloudbeds suite of applications. While it is more of a rate shopper and/or price recommendation engine than a fully fledged Revenue Management System, it definitely deserves to be mentioned here.

It works as a revenue management tool within the Cloudbeds PMS and gives you real data updates for up to five competitors. PIE lets you set several rules, restrictions, and events that will alert you to make better decisions on your pricing.

It is a new tool and very promising, especially for properties that are already using the Cloudbeds Suite.

Hotel Management System by Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is a comprehensive Cloud-based suite, which includes a Property Management System, a Booking Engine, and a Channel Manager. The all-in-one suite is used by all kinds of properties, including small and medium-sized hotels, guesthouses, hostels, vacation rentals, and apartments.

Since Cloudbeds PMS, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager are parts of the same suite, you can be assured that any changes made in the system will instantly reflect on the live website and connected distribution channels.

Cloudbeds' support team works 24/7, and provides all the assistance you need to understand the dynamics of the product. Due to the easy-to-use interface and feature-packed integrations, Cloudbeds is one of the most popular solutions on HotelMinder.

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