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Some of our Industry Leading Partners

We work and partner with passionate industry leaders to transform hospitality and empower ambitious hoteliers across the globe maximize performance, guests satisfaction and coworkers engagement thanks to modern technology and expert know-how.

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Revenue Ready Logo

With over 20 years of global experience in the hospitality sector, Revenue Ready can help you uncap your potential and maximise your revenue streams.

Revenue Management Consultancy: Whether it be a one off, short term or long-term support we are here to support you.

Seamless Online Distribution Strategies: We provide smart, seamless online distribution strategies focusing on customer satisfaction and sales.

Interim Revenue Management Support: Revenue Ready can offer the support you require and we offer a tailor-made service.

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Increasily Logo

Increasily is a small agency focusing on digital marketing services, products and courses on-demand. Our clients go from small independent businesses to international brands. We work cross-industry with both private and public sector, B2C and B2B clients alike.

Web Design - We specialise in Wordpress design and development. Our websites are responsive, fast and optimised for Google.

SEO - We apply the latest SEO white hat techniques to improve the ranking of your website and generate more business for your company.

Social Media Marketing - We create content for Facebook and Instagram and we manage your presence on social media.

SPECIAL OFFER: 100% free SEO Audit and initial consultation
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Simia Solutions Logo

Simia Solutions helps hotels improve their online presence and performance, with a strong focus on driving direct bookings. We have an unmatched expertise and proven track record in this field.

What sets us apart from most others is that we prioritize your individual needs, and not try to sell you a specific service or technology. We work with you to develop objectives and execute an effective integrated strategy for success. We see ourselves as partners and help you determine priorities, choosing quality products and services and working with the best possible return on investment in mind.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free consultation about how to grow direct bookings
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Haynes MarComs Logo

Marketing, PR, Social, Digital communications agency specialists in hospitality and travel.

Drawing from our vast hospitality experience, we are here to support you to drive direct bookings and improve ancillary revenue through your marketing channels. From full-service marketing including design, to stand-alone digital campaigns, email management, social media and PR representation. Our team has experience both agency and in-house with brands including HomeAway, SpaBreaks, Marriott Hotels, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Isrotel and South Lakes Hotels.

Having worked with hospitality companies including apartments, hotels, brands and service suppliers, we help you build campaigns and deliver on key objectives and goals. We build and scale marketing platforms for booking and revenue generation, while raising industry awareness, developing partnerships, and striking influence on social media channels. We create campaign storylines relevant to each marketing channel, and use email and content to engage your database. With wide-reaching contacts from national, consumer, lifestyle, broadcast and trade media, we help your brand be seen by specific audiences.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free SEO, PR and Digital Preliminary Audits
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Simplotel Logo

Simplotel offers hotels with bespoke website & booking engine that have proven to grow direct bookings. These solutions track the customer journey and personalize the web experience for the visitor — the system will also nudge customers who abandon to come back and book.

Currently, Simplotel powers over 2,000+ happy hotels across 21 countries. Its solutions have helped its customers accelerate growth in direct bookings (2-10x) & create a strong brand identity online. Simplotel offers straightforward pricing and 24/7 customer support, with no hidden charges or a lock-in period. Get in touch with Simplotel for a free website audit!

The name Simplotel comes from a combination of ‘simple' and ‘hotel' - and we strive to offer tech that is simple to use for hoteliers. Simplotel was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Bengaluru — India's Silicon Valley with field offices in New Delhi, Calgary Canada, and San Mateo, California.

SPECIAL OFFER: One month free on annual billing
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Boostly Logo

Boostly gives hosts all over the world the tools, tactics, training and confidence to increase their direct bookings. The Boostly Team works directly with hosts and owners to create Wordpress websites that is proven and guaranteed to turn lookers into bookers.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get a 5% discount with HotelMinder
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myhotelshop Logo

Myhotelshop is a hotel metasearch agency, providing full consulting and direct traffic management to hotels, and a SaaS solution to partners who want to manage metasearch campaigns on their own.

At Myhotelshop we drive direct traffic from metasearches to hotels' booking engines and reduce their distribution cost. With 9 years of experience in meta combined with in-house built automation that makes running metasearch campaigns scalable and sustainable, we offer a solution for hotels to get better performance for less. We level the playing field between hotels and OTA by making the hotel's prices competitively displayed on all major metasearches and continuously optimized without huge expenses.

Three reasons why we are better:
1) We optimize campaigns on metasearch engines for every hotel individually
2) We have built a performance marketing agency that is laser-focused on serving hotels in the area of metasearch traffic - think of us as neurosurgeons for metasearch, where others are GP's at best
3) We have large historical datasets and 9 years of experience that tell us what works

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REVX is a team of international hospitality specialists with a powerful Revenue Management service. We harvest data from a multitude of sources to support our data scientists optimising decision making and developing optimum parameters. We believe in data and automation supported by strategic thinking. This combination informs what we do long term. We believe in generating our own demand so that responding to the market is the result of a strategic approach. We think you will be sold to our methodology. Allow us to support you with commercial performance at any level. Get in touch - we should talk.

SPECIAL OFFER: First month is free, no ongoing contract