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RateIntel Logo

RateIntel provides you with the tool you need to elevate you hotel knowledge about your competitors pricing strategy.

With RateIntel you'll get valuable insights about you competitor set and pricing strategies.

By using RateIntel you'll have access to fresh data reports and smart alerts feature to closely keep an eye on your competitors move.

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RateTiger Logo
Expert Partner

RateTiger by eRevMax is considered a leader in Hotel Channel Manager, Rate Shopping, CRS, Booking Engine, GDS Distribution, Metasearch management and Website Design solutions to independent boutique properties as well as small, mid-size and large hotel chains and resorts worldwide.

RateTiger connects to over 450 distribution and technology partners worldwide. It has deep two-way integration with distribution channel partners including, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, Google, HRS, Hotelbeds, among various others. It also offers connection to leading PMS, RMS, CRS, Booking Engine and other hotel technology systems for a seamless online distribution experience.

Data security and privacy is a key aspect for RateTiger, hence the company is ISO and PCI certified as well as GDPR compliant. It provides 24x7 multilingual support to hotels globally to assist in revenue generation objectives.

SPECIAL OFFER: 14-days Free trial, Free set-up & 30% discount on annual subscription
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OTA Insight Logo

Probably the world most famous Rate Shopper, providing the most complete and user-friendly revenue and distribution management tech stack to hotel partners.

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happyhotel Logo

happyhotel is a cloud-based hotel software specially designed for small and medium-sized hotels but it can be used by all hotel sizes. Hoteliers can achieve more revenue without a great deal of prior knowledge. The hotelier gets past, current and future values of RevPar, Occupancy, ADR and Revenue.

Through the booking pace graph and on the books evaluation the hotelier can react to the current market conditions. Furthermore, the hotelier can review the important reports every day and get an alert if the values do not correspond with the budget.

happyhotel uses a special formula and an algorithm that gives the hotelier the best price recommendation for his hotel or each of the hotel segments and room types. With an interface to the hotel PMS happyhotel gets all data to analyze the hotel. happyhotel facilitates the hotelier's life through automatic processes so that he can concentrate on other things.

After you have tested the demo for free, happyhotel support team will set up an account with your hotel data and establish the connections to PMS and Channel Manager.

SPECIAL OFFER: 2 months of yielding algorithm & multi-property functions for free!
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Simple Booking Logo

Simple Booking is a booking engine suite (also including a Channel & Metasearch Manager and a Rate Shopper) to boost online direct bookings, part of the Zucchetti Group.

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CLEVER Hospitality Analytics Logo

CLEVER Hospitality Analytics offers a unique and innovative pre-built and easy-access Business Intelligence platform specially designed for hospitality.

It is all about making clever decisions. It is essential nowadays to make decisions based on data and time is critical. Don't lose your time doing data crunching.

Use your hotel data efficiently to facilitate decision-making with a Business Intelligence platform. Focus in making the decisions needed for your hotel development.

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BeOnPrice Logo

A good pricing recommendation engine, for Revenue Managers in need for better reporting and market insight. Integrated with many PMS and RMS systems.

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AirDNA Logo

AirDNA tracks the performance data of 10M Airbnb & Vrbo vacation rentals.

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HQ revenue Logo

The best revenue management teams in the hospitality industry use HQ revenue to increase their property's turnover and save substantial time on market monitoring and business analytics.

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TravelLine Logo

Maximize revenue or develop online sales from scratch. You'll get rid of overbooking and gain more bookings from your hotel's website and channels.

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RateGain Logo

Optima is a real-time Rate Intelligence Platform for revenue managers to stay on top of competition and market trends.

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Ratemetrics Logo

Recommended for groups and hotel chains, Ratemetrics offers a powerful API to support fully fledged Revenue Management teams in their day to day pricing decisions.

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MonitorHotels Logo

A useful tool to get insights on how your hotel and your competitors are performing on hotel search sites. One destination with unlimited competitors for free.

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Allotz Logo

More than just channel management: Business insights + real time analytics + automated yield organisation = higher profit

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Omnibees Logo

Our business is to simplify yours.
So that more and more Hotel reservations are generated.

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Booking Expert Logo

A Zucchetti company.

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RoomKey Logo

RoomKeyPMS is the leading cloud based Hotel Property Management System, with thousands of rooms managed worldwide.

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RateMate Logo

Capitalise on the revenue opportunities of Events happening in your city or in your feeder markets. Never miss out on an Event again.

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HotStats Logo

Understand hotel profitability like never before. Intelligent benchmarking, financial performance reporting, market data and insights, all in one place.

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Reznext Logo

Maximize hotel revenues and lower operating costs with Reznext.

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e-GDS Logo

The innovative technology of e-GDS Platform results on the most flexible and easy-to-use Hotel Booking System.
Empowered with Responsive Booking Engines B2C & B2B and a Channel Manager with +150 certified integrations, e-GDS Platform is a fully Hotel Booking System that allows you to take full potential of Internet: enhance your Distribution, Maximize Revenue and Cut Down Costs!

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STR Logo

STR sets the standard for data intelligence and global benchmarking, allowing you to compete strategically, plan for the future and understand your .

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STR Logo

STR sets the standard for data intelligence and global benchmarking, allowing you to compete strategically, plan for the future and understand your .

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pegasus Logo

Pegasus solutions enhance every aspect of the booking journey to help you build stronger connections to your guest.

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Hot!Tec Logo

Hot!Suite is the solution for successful hotel direct sales and dynamic website marketing.

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HotelBB Logo

Book your hotel online now: enjoy the best prices at B&B HOTELS in Europe and in the world with our exclusive promotions!France · Who are we · Germany · Italy .

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