Improving Experience and Guest Satisfaction

When guests arrive at your hotel, they aren't just looking for a booking. They are looking for an experience.

Small and budget hotels have started leveraging technology and customer experience insights to acquire new customers, and persuade existing ones to stay.

We truly believe that running and managing a hotel is tougher than most businesses, more so, with all the OTAs getting much attention.

Operational management, customer interaction and online branding - areas that need your constant and undivided attention, to say the least.

With all that on your mind, ideas and thoughts often take a backseat.

That’s what we bring to the table: the right ideas to improve your business, with proper implementation!

We're an experienced team of hospitality professionals

Global Consultants

Comprising of experienced professionals from the hospitality industry, our team has decades of cumulated experience and great understanding of running, managing and selling a hotel.

We’ll show you how to command higher rates through clever marketing, develop new clientele, ensure longer stays, improve staff interactions, maximize PR and get positive guest reviews.

While we’re at it, we’ll also help you with revenue management, not just to increase sales, but to effectively manage operational cost and ROI.

Take a look at what we can do.

Hoteliers Consult Us For:

Buying & Selling a Hotel

Strategy Development

Cost Analysis & Valuation

Branding Analysis

Documentation Preparation

Independent Advice

Opening a Hotel

Business Development

Marketing Plan

Market Research

On-Site Management

Roadmap to Opening Day

Operating a Hotel

Operational Support

Systems Implementation

Recurring Help & Support

Sales and Marketing Plans

Yield Management

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Discover our Expert Methodology

Consultant Method


A short, casual yet fruitful and welcoming consultation to discover and set goals, collect management data, insights and most importantly, your POV, to create a roadmap.


Once we’ve determined your hotel’s potential and the areas to work on, we define clear objectives and present feasible solutions & upgrades to improve KPIs.


As partners in your journey, we implement these solutions either directly or suggest viable methods, third-party applications or services to help you in your journey.


We track the results of your newly implemented strategies or solutions while offering the necessary improvements to reach the best results.

Your journey with us starts here.

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Meet Our Consultants

HotelMinder is a team of consultants, spanning across continents, with a collective experience of several decades in the hospitality industry.

Our team works remotely, from different countries, to get insights from several markets, while building relationships with hoteliers from around the world.

We possess the experience and knowledge to effectively manage any project or assignment within the hospitality and other related industries.

HotelMinder Team

Upgrade your business with HotelMinder

Firstly, we assess

We evaluate objective(s), defining opportunities and setting goals.

Then, we plan

We make a plan detailing what should be done to help reach set goals.

Finally, we make it happen

We implement change, as planned, within set timeline and budget.