driving performance
teammates engagement
& guest satisfaction

For Hoteliers & Hotel Owners

Improving business performance
and maximising results

HotelMinder aims to bring value to hoteliers through an Academy, a Marketplace, and the hospitality services on offer. We help hotels meet and exceed their goals through an in-depth analysis of consumer insights, business requirements, and business opportunities.

With our expertise, we convert critical business challenges to actionable solutions, while establishing a relationship based on trust and engagement.

Happy Hotelier

For Hotel Guests

Improving experience and satisfaction

It's all about making sure your guests have the best experience at any point of their journey, from booking your hotel online to leaving a review after their stay. With happier guests, you're able to build a strong rapport to increase repeat stays and direct sales.

We provide hoteliers with the right tools and services to personalize communication and interactions with guests, thereby making the experience as frictionless and pleasant as possible.

Happy Guest

For Hotel Workers

Improving team members' engagement

By helping hoteliers select the right tools for the job and providing necessary training, we help improve your staff's efficiency. In the long run, it creates a more cohesive and happy team.

We act as an extension of hotel teams, focusing on saving time and increasing performance. We help your team put together motivational KPIs, gather specific requirements to manage special projects, and track progress and success.

Happy Hotel Staff

HotelMinder is a platform offering the resources you need to transform your hotel's digital presence and maximize performance!

Hoteliers Academy

In depth Articles and Guides about Hotel Online Technology, Marketing, Sales & Management.


Partners Marketplace

Find the right Applications or Services for your Hotel, your Team and your Guests.


Experts Solutions

For your Technology, Marketing, Revenue & Operational goals. We're here for you.

4 areas of expertise

Our Four Areas of Expertise

Built on those four core areas of expertise, we remain strong and steady in our mission.

With our rich experience in preparing and maintaining Business Intelligence reports and documentations, our talented team can improve business processes and ensure customer service success.

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Revenue
  • Operations


We help you put together the best technology infrastructure for your hotel, depending on your needs and goals.


We mastermind your growth by working closely with you and your team in a simple and hassle-free manner to reach maximum business success.


Our creative strategies and best practices help hoteliers outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.


We're builders of efficient processes, allowing your hotel operations to go on smoothly day in day out, from front to back office.

HotelMinder Mission

Our Mission

HotelMinder Mission

With our expert know-how of the best technology solutions, we help ambitious hoteliers save time and efforts, allowing them to focus on guests by improving performance and interactions.

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