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Breezeway's property care and operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work, and deliver the best service experience to clients.

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About Breezeway

Breezeway's property care and operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work, and deliver the best service experience to clients.

A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining quality, safety and cleanliness across your properties - our tools empower you to automate your operations and deliver an amazing rental experience.

Created by the founding team of FlipKey (acquired by TripAdvisor), Breezeway is purpose-built to coordinate complex work and deliver homes that are perfectly prepared to specific standards.

Key Features:
Sync reservation data from your PMS so you can harness multiple sources without switching the tech you use 
Automate task scheduling to assign the right job to the right person at the right time 
Use customizable checklists and mobile apps so field staff can do higher-quality work 
Monitor work and coordinate issues in real-time and gain confidence in property preparation 
Message guests to improve in-stay satisfaction and offer deeper service  
Share detailed reports with owners to showcase the full scope of your management services
Delight and support guests with a dynamic Welcome Book

Breezeway - Reviews and Review Score

Breezeway has a Review Score of 4.68
calculated from 66 reviews across a selection of review platforms

Read the latest aggregated online reviews of Breezeway:

Best Operational Software on the Market

Outstanding. The Breezeway team listens to feedback and takes action. They also communicate changes effectively and are ready and willing to offer assistance when/if needed. Pros: Customer Service, Ease of Use, Employee Acceptance Cons: Integration with out PMS, but that's improving.
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Dylan - General Manager

Invaluable Asset

The customer support has always been great Pros: The ability to communicate with our team, organize all our tasks, we wouldn't be able to function without it. Cons: For me, the breezeway messaging closes often or doesn't allow me to type and all of this is on my phone. Very frustrating. The other is that all of a sudden all pictures taken are ending up in my personal photos. I accumulated over 10,000 photos in my personal photos. So, that's not great either. Otherwise, everything else is great
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Lori - Property Manager

I wouldn't be able to run operations efficiently without Breezeway!

Pros: The overall ease of use is fantastic. I love that I can quickly view which cleaners and inspectors I have scheduled, make any changes on the fly, and the fact that everything is automated! Breezeway saves me time, and the more time I have, the more I can refine my systems and take down more deals! Cons: The iPhone app is catered more towards users rather than hosts. I have to login to Breezeway using my web browser which is a minor inconvenience. Otherwise, everything is incredible.
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David J - Head Of Marketing And Short Term Rental Operations

Breezeway automation has saved us time and money!

Pros: Breezeway has helped streamline our daily cleaning and inspection process for guest and owner reservations, as well as maintenance tasks. The task automation has saved us a lot of time! Cons: It would be beneficial if we could create subtasks within a task and assign those subtasks to different employees. This would help us with larger, multistep projects. It would also be nice if users could create private task lists for themselves without assigning them to a specific property.
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Sammy - Business Operations Manager

BBRR & Breezeway

We absolutely love BW! It is a vital part of our business! Pros: The texting ability with our guest has really changed things for us. Breezeway Assist has given us a more personal afterhours response. The people answering the messages or phone calls are trained in vacation rentals and know how to communicate with our guests. Cons: Everything I've reported in the past has been handled or BW is working on for a later date.
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Jacqueline - Owner

Best VR Operations Product on the market

Pros: I love how innovative Breezeway is. They are continually adding new features, asking for end user feedback and make sure the system is top notch! Cons: It's hard to find something to complain about, but if I had to choose something, it would be integrations are not true/full two-way communications. There are aspects of it that can write back to our PMS, but I wouldn't consider it complete. But again, not a huge deal.
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Matthew - Chief Technology Officer

Seaside Vacations and Sales scales with Breezeway

We began using Breezeway during the Covid Shut Down in Spring of 2020. Breezeway has been instrumental in our growth trajectory helping us take our company from 75 properties to over 400 in three short years. Breezeway is a core part of our tech stack, and we could not have achieved our growth without their support. Pros: The core functionality of Breezeway is unparalleled. They continue to add well thought out features at an amazing pace. Cons: Breezeway is a complete Maintenance, Cleaning, and Operations Platform....coupled with Guest Communications.
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Lance - Ceo / Founder

Leading property and operations management platform

We have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Breezeway. The entire process, from signing the contract to implementing the system, was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Within a matter of weeks, we successfully onboarded Breezeway and leveraged its capabilities to support over 300 properties.Impressed by its performance during the trial period, we confidently expanded our usage to encompass 6,000 homes and a workforce of more than 500 individuals. Throughout this scaling process, Breezeway demonstrated exceptional reliability and efficiency, ensuring that there were no delays or shortcomings on their part.Moreover, Breezeway went above and beyond our expectations by offering to translate the app into Danish, our native language. This gesture exemplifies their commitment to providing a personalized and user-friendly experience, catering to the specific needs of our organization. Pros: When we arrived at Breezeway, it immediately became evident that they were operating at the pinnacle of their industry. Their profound understanding of the rental market meant that Breezeway effortlessly catered to all our needs, requiring minimal custom development.Breezeway provides an exceptionally refined product, encompassing both a comprehensive desktop version and seamless mobile app. Their offering exemplifies maturity, allowing us to effortlessly manage our operations across various devices. Cons: While Breezeway excels in the US market, it remains evident that their focus primarily lies within this region, as evidenced by limited support for international date and time formats. Although seemingly minor, addressing this design flaw is of significant importance.In terms of API support, Breezeway does offer the functionality to push/pull data. However, the available APIs are currently limited to select datasets. To further enhance their capabilities, it is imperative for Breezeway to develop additional APIs that enable the seamless integration of any data entered through the user interface via the API endpoints. This would provide users with a comprehensive and versatile platform for data management and streamline their operations.
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Bjørn Schrøder - Sr. Pmo

Vital for our Business

Breezeway has really saved our company so much time and money by streamlining our operations. Their entire team is wonderful. Pros: We originally implemented Breezeway for help with trackability as far as billing for maintenance, and accountability for housekeeping. It has worked wonderfully for that, and since then we have really utilized the many autoscheduling features. Cons: We would love to see a little more flexibility and accessibility for our grounds team in the app. The BW team is always eager to hear our suggestions and have implemented several of them.
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Jessica - Coo

Great product and customer service

The experience has been great, as always there are room for improvement but also more time in the system will help our company utilize all features Pros: User friendliness and the easy to use capabilities. Cons: The lack of a generic department and ability to import data / dolor codes in the system
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Demi - Director Of Operations

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Breezeway has a high average review score of 4.68, calculated from 66 reviews

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