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Probably the world’s most powerful hotel Channel Manager. SiteMinder also offers Booking Engine and Website Builder products, making it a complete guest acquisition platform.

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Channel Manager by SiteMinder

SiteMinder is probably the world’s most powerful hotel Channel Manager. It can connect your hotel to 350 distribution channels and integrate with over 230 leading property management systems (PMSs).

SiteMinder eliminates the time spent manually updating each of your channel extranets and produces detailed reports, allowing you to better understand the performance of your channels and identify booking trends.

You can see the status of all your channels through one, single dashboard and connect to the hotel industry’s most powerful global distribution systems (GDS) via their ‘GD’ chain code.

As well as Booking.com and Expedia.com, here are some other channels which you can connect to through SiteMinder: Ctrip, Hotelbeds, AirBnB, TripAdvisor … plus 300 more! SiteMinder is also offering connections to many PMS, RMS, Booking Engines, and many other hospitality specific solutions.

Booking Engine by SiteMinder

With SiteMinder’s booking engine, called 'The Booking Button', increase direct bookings with zero commission.

Your guests will be delighted to complete the booking process in just two steps. Mobile-responsive and customisable, this one comes in 20 languages with support for 20 currencies

With SiteMinder’s booking engine, you can conveniently offer last-minute deals, early-bird offers, promotional rates and more.

In just one reservation, guests can book multiple rooms, and even compare rates with OTAs on the TripTease widget.

Most Online Travel Agencies and PMS / RMS, etc systems offer integration into SiteMinder’s platform, making The BookingButton one of the most popular hotel booking system worldwide. SiteMinder is offering many (paid) integrations with all sort of third-party applications.

Discover SiteMinder, a HotelMinder Partner

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10% off your monthly invoice for all products / services
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A powerful distribution tool enabling the creation of a uniform and consistent pricing strategy across all your channels. Part of the Profitroom Suite with Booking Engine 360.

Two months of trial free of charge & free setup
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Update rates and inventory in real time on 400+ portals 24/7 with RoomCloud Channel Manager and increase direct conversions with RoomCloud certified Booking Engine.

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