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RevControl, the Dutch cloud based revenue management system, offers comprehensive analytics, competitor rate shopping and automatic recommended rates.

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About RevControl

At RevControl, we love automation, but as Revenue Managers ourselves, we also understand the need of control. Therefore we provide our users the power of automation and control in one tool.

Our software was built by hospitality experts with 25+ years of experience in revenue management as well as developing hospitality related systems. This enables us to offer a high-performance technology. Our mission? To provide comprehensive revenue management software that increases effectiveness. Our belief? Aggregating data the right way empowers revenue managers to make intelligent decisions and realise revenue growth. Hence, RevControl is continuously innovated based on feedback from renowned experts: our clients.

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Sign up for the Plus package and get 3 months free of Expert Package

Sign up for the Plus package and get 3 months free of Expert Package

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Revenue Management System by RevControl

  • Extensive Business on the Books Analytical Reports
  • Pickup Alert Notification
  • Competitor Rate Intelligence
  • Recommended Rates 365 days, calculated up to 4 times per hour
  • Manual Rate Export to PMS or CM
  • AutoPublish - Automated Rate Export to PMS or CM
  • Premium Competitor Rate Intelligence
  • Trend Report and Trend Graphs

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