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Adaptable and versatile kiosk solution for self check-ins.

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Get 300€ credit towards additional options

Get 300€ credit towards additional options

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Adaptable and versatile kiosk solution for self check-ins. With support for 15 languages, cater to your guests' needs and offer personalized services.

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Self Service Kiosk System by Roommatik

Roommatik self check-in kiosks are compatible with prominent room key technologies, including contactless, code keys, magnetic stripe, physical keys, and bluetooth-enabled locks. As such, with this system in place, you can be assured of completely unattended, hassle-free check-ins. In less than a minute, your guests can get room keys from the 24/7 reception desk.

With a Roommatik kiosk installed on the property, guests don't have to worry about long queues. Over time, this leaves a long-lasting, positive impression. The kiosk lets you up-sell or cross-sell without being salesy or interacting with guests. Since Roommatik kiosks support 15 languages, you can cater to guests from around the world with ease.

Roommatik IoT platform gives you more control over assisting guests. Additionally, it lets you issue room keys, gather critical information, and integrates well with existing software and locks. The kiosk can also be connected to your existing Channel Manager or PMS. With Roommatik, there is no need to manually synchronize your reservations. The kiosk manages everything seamlessly.

SPECIAL OFFER, only with HotelMinder:

Get 300€ credit towards additional options

Get 300€ credit towards additional options

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Get 300€ credit towards additional options

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