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Profitroom Channel Manager and 'Booking Engine 360' helps hoteliers maximize profits. Recommended for medium and big hotels in EU looking for an affordable way to increase direct bookings - without compromise.

Profitroom Exclusive Deal: Two months of trial free of charge & free setup

About Profitroom

Profitroom is a distribution platform, including: Booking Engine, CRM, Channel Manager. Profitroom offers hotels the business intelligence they need to acquiring more guests by increasing the number of direct bookings. The booking engine can be fully integrated into the hotel website within an iframe to improve the guest booking experience. Each special offer has a dedicated landing page.

Profitroom reservation assistant algorithm helps increase conversion: the system will automatically recommend another check-in date based on the search parameters if there's low availability for the dates originally requested.

Profitroom Exclusive Deal

Two months of trial free of charge & free setup

Two months of trial free of charge & free setup

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On demand: the Booking Engine is commission based and the Channel Manager is a fixed monthly charge.

Booking Engine by Profitroom

Profitroom Booking Engine interface is and fully responsive. It can be connected to several of the leading Channel Managers, Property Management System, and Metasearch platform.

Channel Manager by Profitroom

Profitroom Channel Manager connects to Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb and another 100 partners (OTA as well as PMS & Channel Managers).

Profitroom Alternatives & Competitors

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10% off your monthly invoice for all products / services
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Save €260: 3 Months for FREE and €100 discount on setup cost
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