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Digital Marketing, Booking Engine, Web Design, Metasearch, GDS. Your one place for direct.

About Bookassist

Bookassist is an innovative, multi-award-winning industry leader in hotel booking and distribution software and online strategy. Bookassist provides both technology and online strategy for hotels, lowering costs and increasing direct online business.

The award-winning Bookassist booking engine is the ideal SaaS solution for reservations automation, with PMS integration, agent/corporate login and loyalty modules. The cloud-based Distribution Manager is a world-class channel manager with dynamic margin optimisation and GDS/IDS.

Bookassist also provides responsive CMS-based web design, online marketing, and award-winning mobile web apps for hotels on iOS/Android and all major platforms.Bookassist is a recognised and innovative experienced industry leader.

We manage the entire online digital strategy for hotels with services to maximise online presence and drive direct booking revenue for maximum margin. Bookassist SaaS technology can be embedded in hotel and hotel group websites to offer immediate bookings with PCI-compliant credit card validation for online customers, plus it offers full reporting and yield management for the accommodation provider.

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