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We provide hoteliers around the globe with innovative technology solutions that enable deeper, more profitable guest relationships by empowering hotel staff with the data they need at every touchpoint in the guest journey.

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We provide hoteliers around the globe with innovative technology solutions that enable deeper, more profitable guest relationships by empowering hotel staff with the data they need at every touchpoint in the guest journey.

Cendyn is a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry. We help hotels around the globe drive profitability and guest loyalty through an integrated technology platform that aligns revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing, and sales teams with centralized data, applications, and analytics, so they can capture more demand and accelerate growth. With operations across the globe, in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, and India, Cendyn serves tens of thousands of customers across 143 countries.

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Revenue Management Software by Cendyn

Guestrev optimizes total hotel revenue by maximizing the value of group and event spaces with demand-based pricing and forecasting.

Built using the core strategy of Guestrev's transient forecast tools, Grouprev provides an unconstrained view and projections into group business at the micro-segment level.

Presented with a floor, optimal and ceiling bid rate, sales managers can confidently quote a rate that is based on the expected total revenue and winning probability at the micro-segment level.

Maximize total hotel revenue and profit. In addition to being captured and factored into the displacement value, the ancillary profit is also considered in the total value of any group opportunity. Hotels can define their ancillary categories and corresponding profit margins.

Enjoy total meeting space management while simplifying the “catering free sell” process. Set rules to “open” and “close” your function space for catering-only business while establishing a booking target per function room.

Website Design and Development by Cendyn

Cendyn's CMS deftly manages content and scales with your growth. Drive website engagement and urgency with personalization features and easy to use administrative functionality such as room configuration to convert lookers into bookers.

Inspire travelers with award-winning website design and technology built uniquely to personalize the travel planning journey.

Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform provides secure, lightning-fast download speeds using CDN technology and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Direct Booking Software by Cendyn

Rate Match is a powerful set of conversion rate optimization tools to drive higher direct bookings.

Give your guests the confidence to book directly by showing you have the same or better rate than the OTAs. Across thousands of hotels and geographic areas, Rate Match delivers a 56% increase in conversion rates on average.

Whether you own a single hotel, several properties, or have a portfolio with multiple brands, Rate Match allows you to gain control of your parity performance and drive record direct bookings.

Get instant notifications when Rate Match finds a lower price elsewhere, as well as options to match the price and make the lower rate instantly bookable based on rules you set.

You can also use Rate Match to adjust your prices by as little as 1% to match an OTA price, enabling you to capture more bookings and drive substantially higher revenue per visitor, while preserving your average booking value.

Booking Engine Software by Cendyn

High impact direct booking platform packed with features to help you convert lookers into bookers.

Convert lookers into bookers with market-first innovations and features using Cendyn's responsive, powerful, intuitive, and elegant booking engine.

Optimized for single and multi-property groups, or large hotel brands, our powerful booking platform offers strong merchandising and cross sell opportunities designed to increase your direct booking revenue.

Quickly and effectively create flexible, multi-layered promos based on various criteria in just minutes, without the need for new rate plans.

We also make it easy to connect to our comprehensive eCommerce platform, the first CRS-integrated solution that collectively brings your hotel website and digital marketing efforts together as one.

Discover Cendyn
a HotelMinder Expert Partner

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