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BookLogic is an innovative Booking Engine & Channel Manager suite suitable for bigger properties, resort and chains looking for powerful guest CRM functionalities.

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Bigger properties, resort and chains looking for powerful guest CRM functionalities

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BookLogic - 3 Most Popular Alternatives & Competitors

Below you can find the 3 most popular alternatives to BookLogic as selected by us.

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A simple and good looking Booking Engine optimized for conversion. Easy to use and integrate on your website as well as very affordable at €29 per month only.

Exclusive Offer – Save €260: 3 Months for FREE and €100 discount on setup cost

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Very reliable, powerful and customizable Channel Manager and Booking Engine, used by and recommended for medium to big hotels. Connected to most of the big PMS solutions.

Exclusive Offer – Get 10% off your monthly invoice with HotelMinder!

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Booking Engine 360 fully integrates in your website with an iframe. Recommended for medium and big hotels in EU looking for an affordable, powerful and elegant way to increase direct bookings. Commission based fee: 3.5%.

Exclusive Offer – Two months of trial free of charge free setup

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