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Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds is the hospitality industry's fastest-growing technology partner, serving a global customer base of thousands of properties across 157 countries.

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About Cloudbeds

Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds is the hospitality industry's fastest-growing technology partner, serving a global customer base of thousands of properties across 157 countries.

Its award-winning Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform seamlessly combines operations, revenue, distribution, and growth marketing tools with a marketplace of third-party integrations to help hoteliers and hosts grow revenue, streamline operations, and deliver memorable guest experiences.

Cloudbeds was named No. 1 PMS and No. 1 Hotel Management System by Hotel Tech Report in 2022, Best PMS and Best Channel Manager by the World Travel Tech Awards in 2021, and has been recognized by Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in 2021.

Cloudbeds - Reviews and Review Score

Cloudbeds has a Review Score of 4.43
calculated from 302 reviews across a selection of review platforms

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Nice Property Manage Suite

Smooth Pros: What I like about the solution is the almost 360 management capability and ease of access when comes to managing the whole property management ecosystem. I have the privilege of working as a freelancer implementing the solution for an Hotel and I can say it's a smooth one with less configuration chaos. Cons: Nothing to like less about it, it's a smooth solution.
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Bait and Switch

Very flustered on what [sensitive content hidden] and the Cloudbeds gang stand behind??? Pros: Not sure yet...was sold on the fact VRBO Was part of Cloudbeds and it is NOT.This is casuing Heartburn and lost revenues Cons: We were sold/told that VRBO and ABNB were able to be synced up with Cloudbeds when in fact after almsot a year it has not nor does Clodbeds know today when this will be fixed. ABNB is OK but not VRBONOW Our Bookings staff and maid service have twice the work making sure bookings are correct...priceless
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Marty - Owner

Cloudbeds has gone downhill. I wouldn't recommend them.

Terrible. Looking for new options. Pros: Multi channel integration options are pretty good. Cons: Cloudbeds software is buggy especially when it comes to your property availability. Sometimes we'll notice days on your calendar that are blocked off for no reason. The customer support is the worst part about cloudbeds though. You can only message them through live chat or email and it's always painstakingly slow to get an answer to your questions. The software is not very user friendly so you will have a lot of questions about how to use it. Additionally, the checkout page on the website they build you is not end user friendly for customers.
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Greg - Owner


I spent a lot of time describing and trying to fix problems Pros: The system is easy to use. Consistently adding new features like Whistle and price point. Cons: Took me a year of complaining for them to fix group bookings. And I believe that there are glitches in the availability matrix that block some available inventory. I’ve had multiple complaints from guests who have tried to book but cannot. Unforgivable issue since this should be their primary function. We’re still is that I’ve never know unless a customer calls.
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Charles - Pres

Great all-rounder with a rapid rate of feature updates.

Great - probably the leader in the PMS space. You get what you pay for! Pros: Ease of use and integrations with OTAs. Rapid rate of feature udates. Cons: It's very expensive and somewhat glitchy at times. Missing native Xero/Quickbooks accounting integration.
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Llyr - Managing Director

Disgusting customer service

For 3 years I have persevered now I am done and do not recommend Pros: The original sales rep in 2020 [sensitive content hidden] was amazing. So supportive, happy to help and fix any problems. Once he left you couldn't get any help in Australia Cons: The customer service support team is a joke. There is no support and defiantly don't try and add two separate properties to one account
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Julieann - Director

Tuve una excelente experiencia con el especialista que me ayudo con la ...

Buena experiencia con el Sistema ya que es muy fácil de configurar y de usar. El especialista que me ayudo con la configuración muy amable, paciente y resolvió todas mis dudas. Pros: La configuración del Software fue muy fácil, así como realizar reservas, cobros . . . fue muy rápida las integraciones con otros canales de reservas, tiene variedad de opciones para cobros. . . Cons: 1.- Valdría la pena que el sistema tenga una opción como un check box con las tarifas de promociones que al momento de activar una, tome esa tarifa promocional; con el objetivo de que dicha tarifa se despliegue en la búsqueda de Google (y no la tarifa base)2.- Cuando se active una promoción, serviría muchísimo que lo envie de forma automática al segmento de usuarios que estan buscando alojamientos. 3.- La Appl Mobile estaria genial!
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Maria - Administración

Lack of Customer Service Support

It's frustrating when I am trying to look for a support. The phone lines are not responding. The chat line does not take any responsibility, nor offer any help. I have to be writing to them, wait for 24hrs, and have them tell us that they couldn't do anything! Pros: Its not a complicated system, and rather easy to use. Cons: The lack of Customer Support is frustrating, especially when Cloudbeds are the only ones who manages the property management, and there is a terrible mistake in the pricing. It's impossible for us to make any amendments. For 2 full days, we have been on the Chat Support and we have been told that they cannot do anything about it. Where do we go from here?
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Koriynne - President

Good product, bad service

Had I known about the lack of personal service, I would not have subscribed to the product. Pros: The product is generating bookings which is the main goal. Cons: Poor customer service. I am trying to open and manage a new hotel. We have encountered several problems with the integration between Cloudbeds and Expedia and This is causing guest cancelations and frustration. However, I can't get any personal help from Cloudbeds. I am simply referred to their training library which does not address my specific problems.
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Kevin - Owner

Cloudbeds not Ready for Prime Time

Our experience was very poor. Their implementation team was weak. The transition was not organized well and their support was poor. Pros: On the surface their reports look modern, but when actually using their reporting it is limited. Cons: I should have known there were problems at Cloudbeds as their contract had language saying that its users could not publish reviews. After some negotiations, I had them remove the language. Their contract does not comply with California privacy laws. They told us that their system integrated easily with QuickBooks, what they did not say is you have to use a third-party API translator and pay $49 per month for it and that that translator probably does not comply with privacy laws. They also said integration with QuickBooks is easy, they did not say it only works with QuickBooks on-line and not QuickBooks desktop. They also did not explain that you need a programmer to make it work as the mapping is difficult and complicated. They said they would handle the data export from our old PMS to Cloudbeds, what they did not tell us is that if you have a server-based system and not a cloud based system you have to do the data export. They told us that transition Expedia from our existing system to their system happens almost immediately, then day of transition they say 3 days…3 days with no bookings. That is thousands in lost revenue. The transition process from our old system to CloudBeds was done with limited help from them and communicating with their customer support was awful and almost exclusively via e-mail. They have you watch some videos and to some light follow up, but it is hardly a cohesive transition program. There is more, but suffice it to say the entire experience was a
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Roger - Owner

Cloudbeds - Video Introduction

Cloudbeds Video Introduction

Cloudbeds - Pricing

Cloudbeds - Pros & Cons


Cloudbeds has a high average review score of 4.43, calculated from 302 reviews

Cloudbeds has 28 registered integrations with third party applications

Cloudbeds offers an exclusive offer on Hotelminder: Sign up for a demo and receive $200 of free credit


Hotel Management Software by Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform seamlessly combines tools for operations, revenue management, guest experience, and marketing.

The Cloudbeds platform features a marketplace of third-party integrations to help independent hoteliers and hosts grow revenue, streamline operations, and deliver memorable guest experiences.

Metasearch Management Software by Cloudbeds

AdsHotel (a Cloudbeds company product) integrates in one easy platform several Channels and Ads types to master all the touch points and increase in Profitability and Direct Sales.

An independent Hotels Dashboard for Metasearch & Programmatic to engage and convert Travelers into Bookers in the most effective Adv Channels.

Property Management Software by Cloudbeds

The Cloudbeds Property Management System is a powerful, easy-to-learn system that specializes in streamlining operations.

Independent property owners will save time by easily managing guest reservations, check-ins, and check-outs with our drag-and-drop calendar.

The PMS provides a clear property overview where properties can make data-based decisions to maximize occupancy and revenue with real-time data and robust reporting tools.

Channel Manager Software by Cloudbeds

The Cloudbeds Channel Manager is the heart of a property's distribution strategy.

It connects seamlessly with the Cloudbeds PMS and ensures that properties' room rates and inventory are always in sync across all channels.

The Channel Manager updates rates in real-time and includes no added commissions.

Booking Engine Software by Cloudbeds

Built to drive direct bookings, the Cloudbeds Booking Engine easily integrates with any website to turn it into a top-performing booking channel, with no added commissions.

The Cloudbeds Booking Engine puts the full power of direct reservations in the hands of independent property owners.

Digital Marketing by Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds Amplify is a comprehensive done-for-you digital marketing solution designed to optimize customers' online presence, drive more bookings and maximize revenue.

Services and solutions include website creation and search optimization, metasearch advertising, search engine marketing, and online business listing management.

Revenue Management Software by Cloudbeds

The Cloudbeds Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE) empowers properties to take their pricing strategies into their own hands and automate the adjustment of rates in the PMS.

PIE uses performance data, local market data, competitor rates, and other applied analytics to predict consumer demand to maximize revenue and profits.

Payment Processing Software by Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds Payments provides easy, transparent, and contactless payment processing that's fully integrated into the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform.

It reduces wasted time and human errors due to manual entry and comes with state-of-the-art payment terminals compatible with all payment types.

We manage all your disputes through world-class support from our in-house team of payments experts.

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Sign up for a demo and receive $200 of free credit

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