Atomize automatically sets optimal rates for every room type and is recommended for hoteliers looking for a hands on approach to Revenue Management.

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About Atomize

Atomize is a lean Revenue Management Software designed for hoteliers who want to do more with less. Based on the latest innovation in price automation, Atomize transforms market data into revenue by delivering optimal prices in real time, 365 days into the future.

With Atomize you go beyond manual and rule-based revenue management tactics and benefit from true artificial price intelligence. Through real-time price optimization, Atomize makes sure you benefit even from the smallest changes in the market to attract more bookings at optimal rates.

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Revenue Management System by Atomize

Atomize Revenue Management Software includes what your team needs to optimize revenue, drive profitability, save valuable time and outperform your competitors. 
• Price automation
• Real-time pricing
• Dynamic price recommendations
• Competitor rate intelligence
• Multi property suopport
• BI & Reporting
• Future demand insights
• Mobile friendly
• Cloud based
• Group pricing

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One month 100% FREE TRIAL instead of fifteen days
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