Cloud Property Management System recommended for bigger hotels and hotel groups needing a tested and customizable software offering lots of integrations.

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Property Management System by Protel

Protel has always been known for innovative and useful features. It’s a powerful Property Management System to respond quickly, completely, and simply to daily situations at the hotel. The company offers several add-ons to improve the experience. Some of these include Protel for tablet, multiple property management tool, POS integration, web booking engine, and more.

Protel allows you to set dynamic sales policies and strategies. You can also plan availability to keep reservations under control and make customized offers for groups, clients, and so on. Additionally, it allows guests to book multiple rooms for different periods simultaneously.

Booking Engine by Protel

Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure, Protel Booking Engine uses a secured payment environment and a responsive design to blend seamlessly into the website.

With powerful marketing features, you can enable upselling and cross-selling options, thereby selling coupons, vouchers, online table reservations and other services.

Protel also allows you to pre-define rates for regular guests by simply enabling guest login. Last but not the least, you can use pop-ups to sell packages and promotional offers.

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