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A self-check in kiosk solution to automate your check-in processes and welcome your guests with a contactless and safe user journey.

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About Sezam24

An ideal solution for fully autonomous hotels to provide a contactless guest check-in experience: Sezam24 will help streamline the entire front desk operations cycle with its seamless PMS integration.

On-screen registration forms, contactless payments and automatic room card programming are only the basic features. Sezam24 speaks 40 languages and uses AI to switch between them, recognizing IDs and monitoring the kiosks devices.

Users can easily modify reservations, extend guest stay, relocate from one room to another or provide a spare/duplicate room card. Everything is handled by Sezam24.

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Sezam24 Online Check In Solution And Kiosk System

Born in the cloud with advanced technologies, Sezam24 allows hotels to follow new trends and comply with the latest regulations arising in the hospitality industry.

S24 hotel check-in kiosk provides fully automated check-in that navigate guests through the entire process with simple video instructions. Each step is automated and the entire check-in process takes 1 minute!

Sezam24 Alternatives & Competitors

A Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution targeting higher guest engagement. With this virtual check-in system in place, ensure no touch communication, payments, orders, and checkouts.

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GuestAdvisor is an integral part of SabeeApp's all-in-one solution, GuestAdvisor is a comprehensive concierge service for online self check-ins. It can also be installed as a kiosk on a tablet.

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An affordable solution allowing you to transform any tablet into a fully-fledged kiosk system for your reception desk.

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