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HotelRunner is ideal for all types of accommodations including small to medium-size hotels, enterprise hotels and chains as well as rentals and hostels.

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Booking Engine by HotelRunner

A powerful and flexible platform, HotelRunner’s Booking Engine offers several customisation options to match the text and colour of the website.

Moreover, you can also implement local tax settings. By integrating with multiple payment systems, this one offers secure online payments too.

HotelRunner is available in 24 languages, and support for 159 currencies with real-time conversion rates.

Apart from rooms, you can also sell packages and add-ons, such as daily tours, airport transfers etc.

HotelRunner Alternatives & Competitors

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Cloudbeds Logo Premier Partner

Used to be named MyAllocator, and now an integral part of the Cloudbeds suite. Simply one of the best Channel Manager, easy to use, setup and very affordable.

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SabeeApp Logo Expert Partner

An integral part of its all-in-one suite, SabeeApp Channel Manager is one of the most reliable solution on the market right now. Pricing starting at just 76€ per month for up to 9 rooms.

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Hotel Link Logo Premier Partner

Hotel Link Channel Manager is an integral part of the Hotel Link package including a Property Management System, a Channel Manager, a Booking Engine and a Website Builder.

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