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A Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution targeting higher guest engagement. With this virtual check-in system in place, ensure no touch communication, payments, orders, etc.

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Know, Delight, and Earn your guests with Hotel CRM, Guest Feedback, and Marketing on Revinate's Guest Data Platform.

171 2 3

Oaky is a hyper-personalised upselling software that helps hotels boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding.

150 3 2

A customer engagement platform used by hotels to constantly improve guests experience, using digital transformation. Feedback collection, live chat, mobile web app and more.

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Whistle Logo Expert Partner New

Transform the way your hotel communicates. With Whistle for Cloudbeds, you can increase revenue, have happier guests, and operate at an unprecedented pace.

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A revenue driven SaaS platform for managing all your digital needs, from ordering and purchasing to contactless check -in, room service & 250 more features.

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UpsellGuru is the most exciting way to offer upgrades and increase hotel revenue. Highest upsell conversion for hotels worldwide.

570 2 2
BookLogic Logo Premier Partner New

BookLogic is an innovative Booking Engine & Channel Manager suite suitable for bigger properties, resort and chains looking to maximize revenue with powerful CRM functionalities.

70% off first year flat fees and 90% offf setup fees

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Our contactless mobile ordering, payments and guest engagement tools, deliver guests a world of experiences, uninterrupted.

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Create experiences your guests love! Swyftin is a hotel upsell software that helps hotels increase revenue.

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Sign in to Loopon.

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HERA, Your Hotel Email Reservation Assistant, helps hotel and restaurant reservation agents answer inbound Emails.

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Vamoos is the app for hotel and villas.

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One solution for digitalizing your hotel operations and guest experience.

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Duve is an end-to-end guest management platform helping hotels increase profitability, and enhance their brand with solutions such as online check-in

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ROOMDEX delivers consistent hotel revenue through upselling automation.

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Growth for your direct channel.

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LoungeUp, all-in-one platform for guest relationship and hotel management.

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