Top 10 Vacation Rental Management Systems of 2020

Written by Benjamin Verot in Top Hotel Software  • 5 min Read  • Last updated: May 05, 2020


Uplisting Logo

With Uplisting, you can import listings, bookings, and rates from Airbnb in seconds, even if you are not into modern technology that much.

The Uplisting calendar is the only place to consider, since all the bookings are automatically imported from all your channels.

You can also instantly sync rates, bookings, and availability with Airbnb,, and Homeaway/VRBO at no extra fee. Automated security deposit collection, 'Smart Rates' option to solve any disparity across channels, client/owner portal, lead time rate rules, cleaning scheduler, and some more features come with this product.

Additionally, you can build your own application and feed your booking data into your app (or other services) via their webhooks.

Connections / Integrations

Stipe, Zapier


Decreasing depending on the number of properties - 200$ / Month for 10 properties

We Recommend For

Professional Airbnb hosts running multiple listings and looking for a complete and comprehensive solution.


Uplisting Website
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Octorate Logo

Octorate is a simple but powerful and affordable all-in-one solution for small structures which can be accessed from any mobile device.

Octorate’s Channel Manager allows you to connect with more than 110 websites while its payment manager allows you to take guests payments in real time (even before they check in).

You can communicate to your guests in real time thanks to the Communication Manager: a single interface to directly answer incoming message from, and more.

Octorate offers a Virtual Concierge: without installing any application, guests can check in online and pay for their stay securely and easily.

Connections with GDSs, Metasearch (including Google Hotel Ads), a great Website Booking Engine with discounts and special offers - are just some of the many options of this feature full All-in-One solution for your Apartments or Vacation Rentals.

Connections / Integrations

TravelClick, Google Hotel Ads, Stripe, Paypal, 5stelle, PriceLabs, Lybra, Triptease


Very confusing pricing: but it's one of the most affordable & complete solution out there.

We Recommend For

Owners and Agencies looking for a flexible and powerful yet affordable solution to manage their unit(s).


Octorate Website
All-in-one solution for only 7€ per Unit per Month with the promo code HMINDER
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Hostfully Logo

Place a hold on a property, filter by location or property type, use smart messaging templates, set event-based triggers to send email/SMS to your guests, hold a security deposit, adjust prices by booking platform, or give case-by-case discounts.

The list of things that you can do with Hostfully is endless, no matter if you are a single property owner or a vacation rental agency.

The service includes a Central Calendar with an integrated powerful Channel Manager, which connects you directly to Airbnb, HomeAway,, and TripAdvisor Rentals.

It also includes a high-converting Booking Engine with an integrated payment processing provider. These are just the core features of this product. For the whole list, visit their website.


Hostfully Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

RentalsUnited, Stipe, PriceLabs, BeyondPricing and more.


From 79 USD / Month for up to 5 properties

We Recommend For

A single vacation rental owner or/and a professional agency that runs hundreds of vacation rental properties.


Hostfully Website
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Do you need help choosing the perfect Management System for your Vacation Rental?

I will guide you through potential solutions and help you find the best one according to your needs & budget. You are guaranteed to get valuable insight!

Benjamin Verot, HotelMinder Founding Partner

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SabeeApp Logo

SabeeApp, an all-in-one solution designed primarily for hotels, is a surprising entry in this list of Vacation Rental management software: but it truly deserves it.

SabeeApp calendar allows you to list as many independant units as you want - and directly link them from the calendar to the OTA listing - it means that you only need one account to manage all your properties!

Add to this a very reliable Channel Manager, an easy to use website Booking Engine, an integrated Payment Gateway and SabeeApp becomes an excellent choice to help any busy owner / manager take care of several listings at the same time.

Last but not least - for an additional monthly fee, Guest Advisor Tools is a Virtual Concierge allowing you to offer your guests a fully online check in and payment experience. Add to this keyless smartlock automation - and you have the business of the future!


Starting at 76EUR / Month for up to 9 units


SabeeApp Website
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bookster Logo

Whether you are a not-so-tech-savvy vacation rental owner or a professional agency that runs hundreds of vacation rental properties, you can find a good use of Bookster.

Setting up the software is super easy, customizable to each and every property, yet simple and comprehensive.

You may choose to connect directly to, HomeAway or TripAdvisor, use their iCal option for Airbnb, or connect to numerous other channels by using their integration with RentalsUnited.

Bookster tools allow for automed notification emails for guests, owners and third parties, as well as automated payment and damage deposit collection and refunds, and automated marketing emails - all of which can help you save an incredible amount of time!

Website templates with commission-free booking engine, training, and great support are included in the price. You just have to watch the additional Channel Manager’s fees.

Connections / Integrations

RentalsUnited, Stripe, Sage Pay, Feefo, WorldPay, Paypal


24 EUR per month + VAT for one property

We Recommend For

A single vacation rental owner with no tech-savvy skills or/and a professional agency that runs hundreds of vacation rental properties.


bookster Website
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Zeevou Logo

New and very promising, Hospitality Management Hub is suitable for vacation rental agencies. It comes with a Booking engine and Channel Management enabled with Staah, connecting you to numerous channels, including, Expedia, Agoda, HomeAway, Airbnb, Ttrip (ex Ctrip), and more.

Plenty of automated tools and processes related to housekeeping tasks, upselling possibilities, payments, rates, and electronic signatures.

Also, detailed features like overall occupancy calendar or city-based occupancy calendar, availability settings and anything that you could think of and can be automated will be doable in one click.


Zeevou Screenshot

Connections / Integrations

PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay, Signable, PriceLabs, BeyondPricing


From 39.95GBP for 1 property

We Recommend For

A single vacation rental owner with no tech-savvy skills or/and a professional Airbnb host that runs multiple listings.


Zeevou Website
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Kigo Logo

Kigo is a complete and comprehensive solution available for vacation rental agencies and multiple properties, not suitable for single property owners. All the features are beautifully packed into one single product, with clean design and ease of use.

All the bookings and requirements from across multiple properties are visible on one single dashboard and available in a few clicks.

A Channel Manager that not only connects you to numerous OTAs but comes with a set of restrictions based on urgency or shifts in demand. Kigo’s operations management software enables real-time mobile communications, enabling your team to access automatically scheduled tasks or report any critical details.

Ensure security deposits, offer travelers’ insurance policies, and protect travelers, homeowners and your business by using Kigo’s integration with RentalGuardian®; price your property smart by using their Revenue Management option, build a professional website, and so much more.


960EUR setup + 5% online transactions + 3% offline transactions

We Recommend For

Vacation rental agencies and multiple vacation rental properties.


Kigo Website

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MyVR Logo

MyVR is a strong and stable vacation rental centralized system. You can take control of photos and descriptions, rates, and fees — all from one unified dashboard.

MyVR has direct integrations with HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor,, Expedia, and Airbnb, but you can also use their iCal to connect with more than 70 third-party sites.

Put expiration dates on quotes, adjust your rates with a set of rules, set up automated messages linked to transactions, payments or bookings, send quotes from your mobile phone or communicate with the property owners and housekeeping team with this amazing product.

Connections / Integrations

Stipe, BeyondPricing, PriceLabs, Breezeway, Zapier


13.50USD / Month per property for users with 5 or fewer properties

We Recommend For

Vacation rental agencies and multiple vacation rental properties.


MyVR Website


Guesty Logo

Auto-messaging of your choice: SMS, email or booking platform; auto-reviews, auto-adjust prices according to your specifications and all the other tasks you can think of are automated with Guesty.

Guesty is also packed with great analytical and reporting tools, a multi-calendar where you can check availability, make quick price adjustments and block specific dates, owners’ portal and task management tool.

Guesty can build a booking website for you, including a Payment Gateway, which allows you to charge guests according to your specified policies and collect each payment at the stage of your choice.

An integrated Channel Manager and mobile app are also available with this product.

Connections / Integrations

RentalsUnited, Stipe, WheelHouse, BeyondPricing, PriceLabs

We Recommend For

Medium to large property management companies in the vacation rental industry.


Guesty Website


BookingSync Logo

Whether you are a Pro Airbnb host for multiple accounts or a property manager in charge of more than 20 vacation rentals, you can save a tremendous amount of time by using BookingSync.

Here are just some of the things that you could do: track each booking payment, manage downpayment, balance due, security deposit and extra services; give the owners answers with calendar access, income prediction and reports; use your personal contracts, automatically edited and sent to travelers after payment and updated after each booking step, and more!

This product also includes a powerful 2-way API direct integration with Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway/Expedia, and TripAdvisor, which allows you to synchronize the maximum range of data for your rentals. Also comes with a professional website built in minutes!

Connections / Integrations

RentalsUnited, Zapier, Breezeway, PriceLabs, WheelHouse, PayPal, Stripe


Around 290EUR / Month for 20 rentals

We Recommend For

Pro Airbnb host for multiple accounts or a property manager in charge of more than 20 vacation rentals.


BookingSync Website

Benjamin Verot

Benjamin Verot

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Benjamin was born in Lyon, France, with a insatiable thirst for adventure and entrepreneurship. He fell in love with Ireland and opened his first hotel in Dublin in 2008, experiencing first hand the lack of key in hand professional hospitality services tailored for independant hotels owners. HotelMinder was born not long after.

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