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A complete platform for professional hosts and vacation rental managers with multiple listings looking to automate their short-term rental business efficiently.

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Get a $30 bonus with this link!

About iGMS

iGMS is a vacation rental software that helps hosts to effectively handle day-to-day short-term rental management tasks.

The software enables users to operate all Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway & Vrbo accounts via a single interface, with access to the same advanced functionality through the mobile app.

Benefit from automated guest messaging and reviews, templates, tools for team & tasks management, an advanced channel manager, financial reporting, a direct booking management toolkit, payment processing, and more.

Features include:
Channel manager
• Automated guest messaging
• Management of multiple accounts
• Multi-calendar
• Team management
• Automated guest reviews
• Financial reporting
• Cleaning & task management
• In-app and email notification
• Key exchange management
• Payment processing
• Direct booking management
• Mobile apps (iOS & Android)

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iGMS special offer, only with HotelMinder!

Get a $30 bonus with this link!

Get a $30 bonus with this link!

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The ultimate end-to-end solution for vacation rental owners and property managers. Channel manager and PMS in one with reporting and user management.

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Recommended to small property owners with a few units. From €9.90/month only. Lots of configuration options mean you need time to get used to it.

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