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AdsHotel is probably the most popular, affordable and efficient solution for small and medium sized hotels to manage their metasearch marketing.

An integral part of WuBook affordable and flexible Complete Solution - allowing connections to Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor and Trivago.

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BookLogic offers deep integrations to the biggest metasearch platforms through its multipurpose Channel Manager. For bigger hotels, resorts and chains.

Koddi is a complete advertisement management platform and is recommended to bigger hotels with a serious marketing spend.

Metasearch Engines

Metasearch continues to grow in importance for hotels around the world and managing a hotel metasearch presence is becoming an integral part of a property direct bookings marketing strategy.

A meta-channel manager allows you to manage and review all your pay-per-click bids on all the hotel price comparison sites in one convenient place.

Most systems include optimization tools to take full advantage of each individual platform and will connect with your existing Property Management System or/and Channel Manager.

At HotelMinder we partner with passionate industry leaders to transform hospitality by providing innovative products and services to properties across the globe.

HotelMinder’s team has tested most existing hotel applications on the market, giving us deep insights to help you make the right choice. Taking your specific needs and budget into account, we can help you choose the right Metasearch Manager for your business.

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