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Ivy by GoMoment

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An AI-powered smart concierge, now part of Revinate, offering end-to-end guest engagement.

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An AI-powered smart concierge, now part of Revinate, offering end-to-end guest engagement. It acts as a Virtual Personal Assistant, and communicates with guests via text messaging.

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Ivy by GoMoment offers an exclusive offer on Hotelminder: Only $299 /month for hotels up to 100 rooms


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Contactless Check-in Software by Ivy by GoMoment

Ivy by GoMoment is the 'new kid on the block' and a promising alternative to more established and sometimes cumbersome solutions. Backed by Google and IBM Watson, it leverages both artificial intelligence and human expertise to create memorable guest experiences, boost on-site spending, and improve operational efficiency.

As their 24/7 personal smart concierge, Ivy proactively communicates with guests via text message, WhatsApp or voice device like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to create a memorial experience while simultaneously catching issues before they leave the hotel. The Ivy AI understands guest inquiries and provides helpful, customized responses to their questions, while also routing service issues to the relevant department. Guests can also use the platform to make in-room service requests throughout their stay

With Ivy, guests can effortlessly book spa appointments, make restaurant reservations, and utilize promotions and rewards, all from their mobile device and with no app required. Ivy's AI evolves with every interaction, ensuring smart, more personal service with each and every guest. With the help of an AI-powered smartconcierge, Go Moment's portfolio of hotels, resorts and casinos enjoys higher guest engagement, more positive review rankings, and increased revenue.

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