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CLEVER Hospitality Analytics

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CLEVER Hospitality Analytics offers a unique and innovative pre-built and easy-access Business Intelligence platform specially designed for hospitality.

About CLEVER Hospitality Analytics

It is all about making clever decisions. It is essential nowadays to make decisions based on data and time is critical. Don’t lose your time doing data crunching.

Use your hotel data efficiently to facilitate decision-making with a Business Intelligence platform. Focus in making the decisions needed for your hotel development.

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CLEVER Hospitality Analytics - Video Introduction

CLEVER Hospitality Analytics Video Introduction


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Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence Software by CLEVER Hospitality Analytics

Analytical view supported by transformed and grouped data “on the fly” in a single dashboard. Allows you to control all the management KPIs of a hotel unit, or of a set of units / hotel group, at any time through several mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). It allows to elaborate within the CLEVER portal, analyses with different dimensions and perspectives.

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