Process booking deposits and payments instantly

An online Payment Gateaway is a system connected with your website booking engine and ideally your PMS, allowing you to automatically and securely process payments.
Stop manually dealing with credit and debit cards: connect with your favorite payment processor and get paid instantly when your guests book.

  • Low commission transactions
  • Immediately process guests payments
  • Charge cards from your PMS
Online Payment Gateaway

Online Payment

An easy way to process credit or debit card payments directly on your Booking Engine and from inside your Property Management System.

See the list of compatible Property Management Systems and Payment Gateaway.

From 1.4% + 0.25c
  • No monthly Fee
  • No hidden Fees
  • Fast Payout Transfers
  • Simple to use
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  • 'Key in hand' Setup
  • we fully install and configure your Payment Gateway and connect it with your Booking Engine and Property Management System (where applicable).

Take online payments automatically and securely


No more worrying about guests payments

If you’re using a physical terminal to accept your credit cards, you are used to a host of problems: matching payments to paper slips at the end of the day, dealing with chargebacks, making sure to charge the right amounts...


Accept payments directly on your property website

Your website is your most powerful sales channel: Automate processing of reservations charges and deposits by integrating a payment gateway directly into your Booking Engine. You can set the system to charge a percentage of the total booking amount or a flat fee.


Reduce manual payment processing

With a payment gateway integrated into your Property Management System you don't need to manually process Credit or Debit Card transactions manually on your physical terminal! Reservations deposits and prepayments are only a few clicks away and can be managed automatically.


Increase data safety and security

Be fully PCI-compliant and remove risks related to Credit Card data handling by using a fully secured integrated payment solution.
Credit and Debit Cards data is fully encrypted and stored securely, protecting you from fraud.

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