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A complete kiosk solution integrated with the web/mobile app to facilitate self check-ins. Integrates well with IRECKONU CORE, a centralized dashboard to view, gather, and manage reports from multiple properties.

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Big Hotels looking for a high quality solution to leverage the data they collect.

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Mews | Alice | SynXis | Infor | Hetras |

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On demand.

IRECKONU - Online Check In Solution And Kiosk System

IRECKONU's groundbreaking kiosk integrates with the web/mobile app to improve guest experience. With this self check-in system, guests can also request amenities, upgrades, and run their own check-in and check-out processes.

With this system in place, your front office staff can monitor kiosk efficiency, personalize guest experience, and manage anticipated arrivals in a much better way. It gives more time to the staff to interact with guests on an interpersonal level.

IRECKONU's kiosk integrates well with IRECKONU CORE, a centralized dashboard to view, gather, and manage reports from multiple properties. It focuses on consolidating data from multiple PMS solutions to ensure easily accessible insights.

IRECKONU - 3 Most Popular Alternatives & Competitors

Below you can find the 3 most popular alternatives to IRECKONU as selected by us.

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NexGen Concierge

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A Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution targeting higher guest engagement. With this virtual check-in system in place, ensure no touch communication, payments, orders, and checkouts.

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Adaptable and versatile kiosk solution for self check-ins. With support for 15 languages, cater to your guests' needs and offer personalized services.

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Mews Navigator is a powerful part of Mews PMS. It allows guests to check-in/out, pay online etc. Mews Operator is a powerful third-party Kiosk. Recommended for bigger hotels aiming at the best performance and reliability.

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