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A Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution targeting higher guest engagement. With this virtual check-in system in place, ensure no touch communication, payments, orders, etc.

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Sign up for a demo and receive a $50 credit!

Sign up for a demo and receive a $50 credit!

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Contactless Check-in Solution by NexGen Concierge

We live in a world with endless possibilities. While we can use the internet to order food, car rentals, medicines, and even book holidays, the same convenience should be provided to guests checking-in to your hotel. NextGen's mobile guest console is ideal for cutting down request processing time.

NextGen Concierge is a Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution for higher guest engagement. With such a virtual check-in system, guests can leverage touchless communication, payments, and check-outs. Since there's no app download, the tool can be conveniently accessed from a browser. Here, guests can also discover your amenities and services pre-arrival.

With NextGen, guests receive an SMS right after the booking with a link to the online portal, which lists various services and recommendations, giving your guests a convenient medium to adapt to the post-Covid era. Virtual check-ins and touchless solutions are the new 'normal', and NextGen fits right into the picture of emerging trends in hospitality.

NexGen Concierge Exclusive Deal for HotelMinder
Sign up for a demo and receive a $50 credit!

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