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MyStay is an all-in-one guest experience solution that connects travel accommodations with their guests after reservation, makes reception processes contactless and brings back outstanding hospitality.

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Our all-in-one solution helps hotels deliver exceptional hospitality, reduce reception expenses by up to 75%, and increase guest spending by an average of 6.9 Eur per stay.

MyStay streamlines the work of receptionists, enhances customer satisfaction, and drives additional revenue through an enhanced guest experience.

Our software features a comprehensive suite of tools, including online check-in, check-out, and upsell of hotel services.

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Contactless Check-in Solution by MyStay

MyStay helps hotels establish a connection with the guest right after the reservation via automated pre-arrival messaging (SMS and email) with the 85% open rate. Customizable pre-made templates are designed to allow any hotel employee to create and automatically deliver an engaging message to the guest before, during or after their stay. This feature not only delivers needed information, saves time and increases customer satisfaction, but in a package with UPSELL brings additional revenue or with CHECK-IN saves time at the reception. Automated messages also allow sent various and personalized messages for different segments and reservations.

Hotels can generate additional revenue through white labeled Guest Web, where hotels present their services in an e-shop manner as a smart catalogue, automatically tailor made for each guest based on their needs. Connected with MyStay communication feature MyStay UPSELL automates promotion of hotel or partner services making it effortless for guests to make purchases. Statistics prove that 54% of guests who made a purchase of hotel or third-party services are already checked in online via MyStay. MyStay also generate QR code for every created service and can be used at the promo materials in hotels for a fast order. MyStay Upsell also effectively helps to receptionist sell hotel services offline thanks to MyStay smart data and collected guests preferences.

Simplifies the check-in process, eliminates queues and allows hotel staff to reallocate their time. With this solution hotels can create a customized check-in form according to their specific country needs and send an automated email or SMS to the guest before their stay inviting them to pre-register and skip a line on reception. The Principe is to fill requested data - agree with terms and conditions and sign. There is also available online payment and generate e-keys. Front desk staff receives a signed PDF document that MyStay archives for a set period. The digital check-in can be used also at the reception - guest scan a MyStay QR code and make an online check-in from a lobby. Digital check-out let the guest add the minibar consumption, check the bill, divide it to more people, update the billing address and after the departure of the guest to send final invoice by email.

Discover MyStay
a HotelMinder Partner

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