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Elevate guest satisfaction with GuestBell - the ultimate hotel app offering Online Check In, Room Service, Chat, Brochure, and Reviews at their fingertips.

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GuestBell is a technology company revolutionizing the hospitality industry with its all-in-one app. The app offers online check-in, room service, chat, brochure, and reviews to guests via their smartphone.

With over 100 hotels, GuestBell caters to both small and big properties, providing value to all businesses. The company's goal is to improve the guest experience and satisfaction while offering hoteliers a cutting-edge solution.

GuestBell is dedicated to delivering top-notch technology and customer service.

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Contactless Check-in Solution by GuestBell

GuestBell - The ultimate hospitality app. Our features include:
Online Room Service - Order food, book spa appointments, or trip seats with ease.
Inventory Management - Automatically tracks inventory, saving you time and hassle.
Online Chat - Connect with guests quickly and efficiently, even when they are outside the hotel.
Homepage - Easily update your hotel's homepage for guests to see in real-time.
Reviews & Feedback - Allow guests to review each order separately, helping you avoid bad OTA reviews and improve your operations.
Online Check-In - Say goodbye to long lines and make check-in a breeze with GuestBell.
GuestBell is the ultimate solution for hotels looking to enhance their guests' experience and streamline their operations. Get started with GuestBell today!

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a HotelMinder Partner

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