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Award-winning smart locks for homes, real estate, infrastructure and more.

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Award-winning smart locks for homes, real estate, infrastructure and more.

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The founding principles of WebLock are a simple user interface, access to APIs and easiness to modernize existing systems.
We do this by simplifying our hardware and cloud platform so it's intuitive and easy for guests and staff to use, enhancing the guest experience and freeing up staff time.
WebLock is best suitable for accommodation like hotels or rental apartments and is compatible with most electrical locks and strikes.
This solid cloud native solution can be used anywhere where access needs to be regulated.
It can also operate elevators, as well as record working time and keep track of the use of services or the consumption of products.
The WebLock team works on a strict tailor made approach which means the client will receive the best mix of hardware and software solution with the best kind of installation.
WebLock is built on the solid foundations and know how of a 30 years old lock and keys manufacturer, Valnes.
It is time to get used to the new normal and our team is here to support you and empower you: wherever you want to go, WebLock can help you get there

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% discount on hardware if you come through Hotelminder
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Providing hotels with advanced electronic locking solutions and a range of tailored services for guest convenience and peace of mind.

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The Nuki Bridge lets you access your Nuki devices remotely.