Your channel manager is the most important part of your hotel ecosystem: It allows you to send availability and rates updates in real time to all the online travel agencies selling your rooms. Reduce over-bookings and unsold rooms with 2-ways channels connections while increasing revenue with basic -or advanced, rate management.

We will help you increase direct bookings and revenue

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Channel Manager

from €25 /month

Real time online distribution to all your Online Travel Agencies websites!

€39 /one-time

Connect Channel

This is optional: we connect any of your existing channel and make sure it works smoothly.

€99 /one-time

Add new Channel

This is optional: we register and connect any channel, you do not have to do anything at all!

€15 /month

Channel Maintenance

This is optional: We support and maintain the channel for you.

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Hotel distribution made simple

Our standard Channel Manager offer includes connection to all of the most popular Online Travel Agencies, but is sometimes limited to 1-way updates. Ask us about a specific channel here.

Get booked online faster

Synchronize all your booking sites with every available room in your hotel. Immediately update your inventory across all channels when a booking is made!

Simple and easy to use interface

A simple and user friendly dashboard lets you overlook and manage your whole online distribution system. Get performance reports and easily control each individual channel to get the most of it.

2-ways connections to the world leading travel portals

Easily connect to more Online Travel Agencies (OTA) through XML connections for seamless updates. Promote your property and sell your rooms on all channels and find out which ones are delivering the most revenue for your hotel. Get more visibility and harvest the benefits of the Billboard Effect.

Automatic closing out and updating to reduce errors

You do not need to split and distribute your inventory: real-time updates ensure that when a booking is made the inventory is adjusted and immediately pushed out to all other channels. Less errors and no more overbooking.

We take care of your property online so you can focus on your guests

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Boost your hotel sales in real time

Connect your PMS and Website Booking Engine

Integrates with Property Management System (PMS) and Online Booking Engine which instantly and automatically deliver the new reservations into your PMS and updates the reservation list on your booking engine.

Increase revenue with effective yield management

Update your prices in real time and snatch last minute bookings away from your competitors with Dynamic Pricing. Create new Rates Types to distribute rooms more efficiently and add booking options to maximize guests reservations.

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