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Channel Manager

While a solid sales strategy considers several factors, better visibility undoubtedly leads to higher revenue.

With a Channel Manager, you can advertise on multiple sales channels without any extra cost.

List all your rooms, update inventory on all channels and the PMS, and get real-time updates.

Using the best Channel Manager, keep occupancy high and commissions low.

Hotel Channel Management

What is Channel Management?

A Channel Manager is a tool enabling hotel owners and managers to synchronize rates and inventory to reach guests worldwide.

With a Channel Management software, you can leverage multiple online distribution channels to sell your hotel inventory while preventing overbookings.

An OTA Channel Manager allows you to easily connect with Online Travel Agencies and other agents in different markets around the globe.

Some hotel Channels: OTAs, Metasearch, etc

Better Management of Online Presence

Online Distribution Management is key to increasing sales, thereby impacting revenue. A Channel Manager is the most important part of your strategy.

Using a good Channel Manager, you can send real-time rates and inventory updates to OTAs reselling your rooms.

What’s more? You can synchronize all booking sites with available rooms in the hotel, and instantly update inventory across multiple channels.

Are you looking to increase your hotel’s reach? Let the Billboard Effect work for you!

HotelMinder’s team has tested most existing hotel applications on the market, giving us deep insights to help you make the right choice. Taking your specific needs and budget into account, we can help you choose the right Channel Manager for your business.

Why use a Channel Manager for your Hotel?


Maximize Revenue

A Channel Manager lets you list the property on several online sales channels. Thus, you’re able to leverage the billboard effect to boost occupancy.

It helps you maximize the hotel’s online presence, increase occupancy rates without overbookings, and reach potential guests worldwide.


No More Overbookings

Using the right Channel Manager, you can sync rates and inventory with all sales channels. Overbookings just become a thing of the past!

When a room is booked, the Channel Manager updates all OTAs, websites and pages where you’re listed to remove the sold room from the inventory.


Save Time

No need to manually update several online portals. With a Channel Manager, easily update and manage your website, Facebook page, and OTAs.

A Channel Manager not only saves time but the cost to update rates and inventory. With the right tool, your hotel operations are much better managed.


Flexible Availability and Rates

A solid Channel Management software lets you set up room types and custom rate plans. It allows you to manage allotments and allocation seamlessly.

Create promotions, meal plans, rates per room or per guests, and manage add-ons or upsell direct bookings. All done from a single tool!

Top Features of the best
Channel Manager


Real-Time Inventory

With real-time inventory, all your rooms are available on multiple channels simultaneously.


Full 2-Way Synchronization

Automatically synchronize pricing and inventory information with several OTA websites.


PMS Connectivity

Connectivity with PMS lets the Channel Manager deliver bookings without manual effort.


Metasearch and GDS

Bigger hotels need integration with Metasearch Engines and GDS Systems for better visibility.


Flexible Rates Management

The discounts and services created via derived rates should be connected with all channels.


Booking Engine Connection

To increase direct sales, a Channel Manager should integrate with the official website.


Pooled Inventory

Pooled Inventory allows for all your rooms to be available at the same time everywhere.


Multi-language & Currency

Let your guests book in their own language and pay in the currency of their choice.


Online Payments

Integration with payment gateways allows you to collect card payments from guests.


Commission Free

A Channel Manager should not charge any additional commission for your bookings.


Auto Yield Management

Automatically adjust rates depending on availability and time to maximize revenue.


Google Hotel Ads

Integration with Google Hotel Ads is a great way to attract and convert the new-age travellers.

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Hotel Property Management System

Consider the Whole Ecosystem

A Channel Manager should connect the PMS, or the hotel’s booking engine, with several OTAs and other online distribution channels.

When a booking is received on the PMS, the ideal Channel Manager automatically updates the inventory on all connected channels.

Most importantly, you should be able to retrieve information of reservations with just a few clicks on the Channel Manager’s Reservation Page.

Hotel Business Strategy

Choose the Right One for Your Business!

While choosing a Channel Manager, consider the type and size of your hotel. It will dictate the target audience and the kind of features you need in the tool.

It’s good to use several technologies and integrate them with hotel operations. A good Channel Manager should connect to your PMS, RMS and CRS.

Ideally, the Channel Manager you choose should fit seamlessly with various systems in place. With a lot of choices, it’s indeed overwhelming. We’re here to help!

What to consider when choosing your new Channel Manager?


Channel Connections

A Channel Manager should connect to all the distribution channels you need.

It’s quality over quantity! For independent hotels, keeping 3 to 8 channels is a good choice.


Real-Time Updates

While some Channel Managers are faster than others, you need a tool that prevents overbookings.

It’s critical for fast-paced, high volume properties looking to increase revenue.



A Channel Manager should guarantee a constant and smooth connection with the OTA websites.

Choosing a stable Channel Manager saves you from a lot of trouble and operational expenses.



Along with the PMS, the Channel Manager handles private guest data as well as payment information.

The application you choose should respect data protection guidelines and laws, GDPR, PCI DSS etc.

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