Hands-on Expert Session

A hands-on session to build a performance improvement plan of action, review your technology or marketing strategy, or solve an issue.

A paid, no strings attached, once-off consulting session with an HotelMinder Expert, for hoteliers and hospitality entrepreneurs to:

  • Establish an action plan to optimize key metrics
  • Review or build a technology upgrade roadmap
  • Solve a well defined operational or technological issue
  • Review or elaborate a simple marketing or distribution strategy

We will match you with the most qualified Expert depending on your objective.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 100% refunded if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your session.

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Regular session price: €149
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You will get high quality and impactful hands-on advice tailored to your specific needs - giving you full assurance you are making the right move.

Benjamin Verot - Founder & Managing Director

A Team of Experienced Hospitality Experts

Comprising of experienced professionals from the hospitality industry, our team has decades of cumulative experience in running, managing, marketing, and selling hotels.

We work with your team to improve revenue by commanding higher rates through clever marketing. Our goal is to help you develop new clientele and ensure longer stays.

Our focus areas include improvements in staff interactions, better PR, and more positive guest reviews - all through adoption of the best technology and services the industry has to offer! Read more about the Experts here.

HotelMinder Experts

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