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I will help you start a new project or/and answer your questions about hotel technology, marketing, revenue or management.

Benjamin Verot, HotelMinder Founder
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It is a paid, no strings attached, once-off consulting session with Benjamin Verot, hospitality consultant & HotelMinder founder, for hoteliers and hospitality entrepreneurs to:

  • Start a new project
  • Choose a new application or service
  • Get help to solve a basic problem
  • Get advice on Marketing, Revenue, Operational or Tech strategy
  • ...and more!

Money back guarantee: Get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your session!

Special Covid-19 price
Regular session price: €99
Offer valid until end Apr 2021
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About Benjamin Verot

With years of experience in assisting hoteliers manage operations or opening up innovative hotels across the world, Benjamin has been a trusted name in the hospitality industry, and is well known for his knowledge and expertise in European markets.

Benjamin works across the globe, helping entrepreneurial hoteliers use modern technology to improve operations & revenue. He understands the challenges independents face, and believes that running a hotel should be simple.

Benjamin Verot

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