Comprising of experienced professionals from the hospitality industry, our team has decades of cumulated experience and great understanding of running, managing and selling a hotel.

We’ll show you how to command higher rates through clever marketing, develop new clientele, ensure longer stays, improve staff interactions, maximize PR and get positive guest reviews.

While we’re at it, we’ll also help you with revenue management, not just to increase sales, but to effectively manage operational cost and ROI.

Meet the people behind HotelMinder

HotelMinder acts as a partner throughout your journey, implementing solutions to affect efficiency, productivity, long-term sustainability and revenue.

Where is HotelMinder based?

We're a global team with offices in Dublin, Ireland. HotelMinder is a remote-first company. That means we (can) work from anywhere in the world as long as we have an internet connection - it's also a great opportunity to discover new Hotels and meet clients!
We primarily speak English, French and Spanish. We work online globally and attend to our hotel and apartment groups customers in multiple languages and time zones.

Is HotelMinder a PMS, a Channel Manager or a Booking Engine?

HotelMinder is not a software maker. There's already too many hospitality software available on the market - we carefuly test and select the applications we work with and recommend only the best Property Management Systems, Channel Managers, Booking Engines, Revenue Management Applications, etc.
We are 100% independent: with HotelMinder you can be sure that you will use the most useful applications suiting your needs and budget - you don't have to try them all and deal with pushy sales people!

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