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Now an integral part of the Cloudbeds suite. Simply one of the best Channel Manager, easy to use, setup and very affordable. Lots of connections.

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Sign up for a Demo of Cloudbeds and receive a $50 credit!

About MyAllocator

MyAllocator is possibly the most popular budget Channel Manager. Originally developed for Hostels as an alternative to costly Channel Managers built for Hotels, MyAllocator joined the Cloudbeds family in 2012.

MyAllocator is really simple to use and setup but it can only manage one rate type per room type.

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Channel Manager by MyAllocator

MyAllocator, now an integral part of the Cloudbeds Suite of applications, also called Cloudbeds Channel Manager, is a standalone cloud-based Channel Manager designed to be easy to use. It is currently one of the most affordable and most reliable Channel Manager in the industry.

MyAllocator offers a 2-way XML connection to a huge list of OTA portals, pushing real-time updates to all of your channels and sending reservation information from each channel back to you, giving you faster updates and less errors.

MyAllocator, originally a budget Channel Manager built for Hostels, provides great integration with niche marketplaces for Hostels and Vacation Rental like Hostelworld, Despegar, Gomio and more.

Myallocator directly connects to a wide range of Property Management Systems supporting all kind of properties.

How do you identify the Channel Manager software that fits your property’s needs in terms of functionality, OTA requirements, integrations or pricing model? Cloudbeds has prepared a comprehensive guide to choosing a Channel Manager exploring these topics and more.

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