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Here at Revenue Puzzle we can act in the role of revenue manager for your property, or work in an advisory capacity giving you the support your hotel needs.

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About Revenue Puzzle

Here at Revenue Puzzle we can act in the role of revenue manager for your property, or work in an advisory capacity giving you the support your hotel needs.

We love what we do and have years of hospitality experience.
We know how to develop, amend and execute strategies which will work for you.
We work with you and your teams to understand your business and your values.

We offer various packages of support so have a look at the main offerings but also give us a call or message to discuss how we can help your hotel succeed best. The fact finding call is complimentary and will give both sides and understanding of your needs.

Our services cover a 360 approach to revenue management. We can advise on systems, detailed revenue management tasks but also can be your outsourced revenue manager. We also can train your direct or indirect teams on all revenue management related.

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Discover Revenue Puzzle
a HotelMinder Partner

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At RevControl, we love automation, but as Revenue Managers ourselves, we also understand the need of control. Therefore we provide our users the power of automation and control in one tool.

Our software was built by hospitality experts with 25+ years of experience in revenue management as well as developing hospitality related systems. This enables us to offer a high-performance technology. Our mission? To provide comprehensive revenue management software that increases effectiveness. Our belief? Aggregating data the right way empowers revenue managers to make intelligent decisions and realise revenue growth. Hence, RevControl is continuously innovated based on feedback from renowned experts: our clients.

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REVX is a team of international hospitality specialists with a powerful Revenue Management service. We harvest data from a multitude of sources to support our data scientists optimising decision making and developing optimum parameters. We believe in data and automation supported by strategic thinking. This combination informs what we do long term. We believe in generating our own demand so that responding to the market is the result of a strategic approach. We think you will be sold to our methodology. Allow us to support you with commercial performance at any level. Get in touch - we should talk.

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