Property Management System

Make day-to-day hotel operations simpler

A comprehensive web-based front-desk application to assist with the management of your property and your guests, automatically process reservations and keep track of your rooms and rates.

Powerful integrated all-in-one hospitality solution

A cloud hotel management system is the hub of a property operations, from a simple and intuitive solution to a more flexible ecosystem with third-party integration (Restaurant Point Of Sales...) - everything is possible and we help you choose!

Property Management System
Hotel Property Management System Dashboard

Channel Manager

Manage all your channels from one application

Quickly and efficiently manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected online reservation and travel websites.,, or even Airbnb can be updated effortlessly!

Real time PMS and Booking Engine connectivity

Real-time availability and rates directly updated across channels from a single user interface, connected with your property management software for optimum distribution management.

Channel Manager
Hotel Channel Manager OTA connections

Website Booking Engine

Turn your website visitors into bookers

Commission Free bookings with an easily integrated Reservation System for your property website for mobile devices and traditional computers. Convert your guests to book directly!

Increase conversion and drive revenue

Boost direct sales by choosing the best online reservation system for your hotel property website. Play with the Billboard Effect to get online guests to book instantly from your website with a zero commission booking engine.

Website Booking Engine
Hotel Website Booking Engine Screen