Tailored Hotel Management

  • Hand in hand with you and your team we help manage your operations, digital marketing, sales and more - to run your hotel efficiently and increase revenue.
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  • Weekly Meetings
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We provide comprehensive, tailored Hotel Management for busy entrepreneurs managing medium sized independent hotels and groups of hotels.

Our hotel management contracts are unique to suit your specific needs and vision. Request a proposal today!

We work with the best software & services providers the industry has to offer in order to put together:

  • A complete tech stack designed for your business
  • Efficient Revenue & Distribution Management
  • Digital Marketing including Website, Social and more
  • Standard Operating Procedures for smooth operations
  • Help & Support with dedicated Account Manager

We're not afraid to put ourselves on the line: that's why we only take a commission on the revenue we help generate.

In simpler words, we bring the know-how and experience of big hotel chains to independent hoteliers.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the size of the business and the software & services stack required. We typically charge a low monthly fee for the technology + a percentage of NET Online Sales, on a monthly basis. A retainer and/or setup cost usually applies.

What is "NET Online Sales"?

It's the sales from all your online sales but with Online Travel Agencies commissions deducted. That way you can be sure that we're going to work hard on what truly affects your bottom line and benefits you on the long term: Direct Revenue.

Do I need a Health Audit before we start?

Yes A Health Audit is necessary for us to start working with you. It will allow us to find out, detail and explain all the work we're going to do; and for you to understand the value we can bring to your business and help you make the choice to move forward.

Is tailored hotel management good for all hotels?

It is specifically built for small and medium sized independent hotels (between 15 to 150 rooms max) that do not have the resources to hire a full time Marketing Manager, Revenue Manager, Operations Manager etc... and are looking at outsourcing some of the work.