Hotel Management

  • Hand in hand with you and your team we help manage your processes, digital marketing, pricing and more - to run your hotel efficiently and increase ADR & Occupancy - with a strong focus on direct sales. *
  • Regular Meetings
  • Performances Reports
  • ROI Guaranteed!
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Making the journey together

HotelMinder offers affordable and comprehensive tailored Hotel Management services to medium sized and big independent hotels and chains.

Request your quote today and we will provide you with a pricing estimate in the next 2 business days.

Each of our Hotel Management deals are unique and fully tailor made.

Services depend on the type, size and needs of your hotel and can include:

  • A Complete Suite of Applications
  • Automated or/and Manual Yield Management, Distribution Management, Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, etc...
  • Help & Support with your dedicated Account Manager

We're not afraid to put ourselves on the line and that's why we only take a commission on the revenue we generate and that we guarantee Return on Investment!

Pricing based on a percentage of NET Online Sales and invoiced monthly.
Pricing depends on Hotel size and required Applications and/or Services.
A retainer and/or setup costs will apply.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is "NET Online Sales"?

It's the sales from all your online sales but with Online Travel Agencies commissions deducted. That way you can be sure that we're going to work hard on what truly affects your bottom line.

Do I need a Health Audit before starting a Hotel Management partnership?

Yes A Health Audit is the only good way to get started. It will allow us to find out, detail and explain all the work we're going to do and show you the value we can bring to your business.

I have less than 10 rooms, can the Hotel Management partnership work for my business?

No, sorry: we require at the minimum 10 units or more for a Hotel Management partnership.