Build Brand Awareness with Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to not only build a brand but increase direct sales. With everyone looking for something online, it's an opportunity to present your offerings to the world.

With our comprehensive experience and expertise, we can build and deliver effective social media campaigns for your hotel on Instagram and Facebook.

In the long run, we harness the power of social media, ensuring you're able to build a solid online brand to generate direct bookings.

We can do it!
Team Meeting On Social Media Management

Outsourced Social Media Management

From setting up and managing all your social media channels to creating powerful content, we allow you to engage with your targeted online audience in the right way.

Our partner agency has years of experience in hospitality marketing, and builds tailored campaigns to directly impact revenue and ROI.

We work with your team every step of the way, and consistently track results to make necessary changes. We aim to understand your specific goals and challenges to be able to deliver what's needed.

Social Media Strategy Design

Harness the power of Social Media with a Bespoke Strategy

With clear goals and guidelines for the entire social media marketing campaign, we're able to create a customized social media strategy for your property.

Before providing you with content, we conduct our own research, and gather insights on what's trending, and what could work for your business. In time, this leads to tactical choices and better ROI.

While creating and managing advertising campaigns, we constantly monitor feeds and engage with targeted audience at the right time.

Hotel Social Media Marketing Pricing Plans

Our social media management plans are based on segmentation of customers, our skills, and specific requirements. Beyond these plans, if you'd like for us to work on a tailored campaign, please get in touch.

Free mockup grid to see how your Instagram could look like before committing to any plan!

Hotel Social Media Marketing FAQ

Yes. You will have access to your social media calendar in your dedicated customer area, where you will be able to review the suggested social media schedule for the month including type of content (photo, video or link), day of the week and time of the day.
No. For the Grow and Conquer plans, we will make a recommendation on the most suitable budget for the given goal.
Quality. You will be proud of our work from day 1. It's not simply about posting on your Social Media accounts but building and executing a tailored strategy that works. For that you need to hire experienced people who have the ability to put in the time.
Yes, absolutely: we offer 10% discount on monthly prices if you pay quarterly (every 3 months) in advance.
Yes, absolutely: we offer 10% discount on all plans after one non interrupted year of service. If you also pay quarterly, that's a 20% discount in total!
Yes, absolutely, you only need to give us one month notice. It's OK to pause Social Media during the low season for example.
Learn about Social Media Marketing for your Hotel

Social Media Setup and Strategy Only

While outsourcing your social media campaigns to an experienced agency like us is the most effective way to notice positive results, we totally understand why you might hesitate.

In case you're not comfortable with someone else being the voice of your brand, we can help you with the initial setup and configuration, and will spend a few hours explaining the basics.

Once we've built an effective social media strategy for your business, while helping you learn how to monitor and update profiles, we'll leave it up to you to execute and implement the campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Services


Content Creation

We create powerful and engaging content that resonates with your audience.


Social Media Strategy

We create and execute a tailored social media strategy to bring you more direct bookings.


Content Management

We manage your Facebook and Instagram profiles by posting regularly to increase engagement.


Ads Management

We create and manage your Facebook or/and Instagram ad campaigns as part of the strategy.


Social Media Audit

We audit your business profiles on social media channels to see what can be improved.


Social Media Profile Setup

We set up your Facebook or/and Instagram accounts and make sure they match your vision.