Reopening Your Hotel After Covid-19 Lockdown: 7 Steps Recovery Strategy

Written by Benjamin Verot in Management  • 14 min Read  • Last updated: August 06, 2020
Map of reopening dates per countries in Europe. Credit:

Map of reopening dates per countries in Europe. Credit:

Benjamin Verot

Benjamin Verot

HotelMinder Co-Founder and Senior Consultant

Benjamin is originally from France but has been living in Ireland for over 15 years. With years of experience in opening up new hotels while radically innovating their operations, Benjamin has been a trusted name in Ireland's hospitality industry. He is also known for his knowledge and expertise in European markets. Currently, Benjamin consults across the globe, and helps hotels improve operations, boost sales, and uses modern technology with clever marketing to impact revenue. A family-oriented guy, Benjamin understands independent hoteliers challenges and believes that running a hotel should be simple. He considers a satisfied guest to be the ultimate reward.

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