A key-in-hand solution tailored to
your needs and budget


Frequently asked question:

Can I pay in USD or another currency?

We can invoice you in EUR or USD (adjusted to the euro). You can pay in other currencies but you will have to cover eventual exchanges fees.

Will my package pay for itself?

Not only that but it will help increase your revenue! Think about the additional income if you double Direct Reservations at 0% commission.

How much does the setup costs?

Setup doesn't necessarily costs anything: it depends on the work you would like us to do and of course of the applications you select.

Can I try first?

After your initial consultation we will give you access to a trial account of the application(s) we have recommended for your property.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes: we recommend you try us for a few month and then let us know whenever you want to switch to a yearly plan.

How long do I sign up for?

There are no lock in contracts, all our packages & services are pay as you go.