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Hospitality professionals, in need of assistance, can leverage our service offerings in marketing, property operations and new independent hotel development.

With a team of experienced global consultants, we’ve been able to build a diverse international hotel portfolio of various types of hotels spanning across 4 continents.

HotelMinder works with all kinds of hotel businesses, ranging from vacation rentals groups, independent small and mid-range boutique hotels, innovative hotel concepts, resorts, bed & breakfasts, rural & budget hotels as well as small international hotel chains.

The key to a healthy hotel business is sustainable long-term growth.

Who we are

Online Management Team

Our team comprises of professionals from varied backgrounds, leveraging years of experience in Hotel Marketing, Revenue and Operational management.

Our headquarter is in Dublin, Ireland, but our team members are based in different countries and work remotely. It allows us to build and develop relationships with hoteliers from all around the world.

Our services are personalized, tailored to your individual requirements, allowing us to focus on providing exactly what you need. We have the knowledge and experience to efficiently help you manage your hotel, resulting in increased occupancy and higher revenue.

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Comprehensive Management Services


Operations Management

With our team, you don’t have to stress about managing operations and strategies anymore.

We assure effective ROI on your hotel metrics, and train your staff to follow the industry’s best practices.


Revenue Management & Yield Strategies

We focus on market segmentation and competitor analysis to develop tailored forecasting models.

While identifying potential distribution channels, we also optimize direct sales.


Sales & Marketing

With our adaptive sales and marketing strategies, we improve your online and offline reach.

Our global consultants develop the best-suited marketing plan to identify key sales indicators.


Business Development

We develop innovative concepts and provide assistance for project development.

With market insights, we focus on effectively branding and positioning your hotel in a competitive industry.

HotelMinder acts as a partner throughout your journey, implementing solutions to affect efficiency, productivity, long-term sustainability and revenue.

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Who we are

Our Culture & Philosophy

HotelMinder has adopted a client-focused and results-oriented approach. With our team, you don’t have to worry about complicated processes overshadowing what needs to be done.

Our work with various kinds of properties gives us a unique perspective, supported by our experience in several domains of the hospitality industry.

To provide quick results, we’ve engaged exceptionally-talented and entrepreneurial-minded partners, who are capable of making data-driven decisions and communicate effectively.

Management Meeting

Our Methodology

Our work starts with a casual meeting to understand your specific requirements. Our goal is to collect insights, management data, and your POV, to create a comprehensive roadmap.

We focus on problem areas, performance indicators, and suggest data-driven plans accordingly to make necessary changes.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we devise sound marketing plans, allowing your property to have a unique identity and character. All this allows you to target the right audience, and increase sales.

Core Management Services

Operations Management

Managing Online Operations

Ensuring sustainable ROI

Data Driven Approach

Best Industry Practices

Sales & Marketing

Strong Online and Offline Reach

Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Key Sales Channels Development

Innovative Pricing Management

Information Technology

Website / SEO Optimization

Payment Processing

Applications Setup and Training

Full Management Suite

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